Tuesday, January 31, 2012

E245 #4 Stanford Entrepreneurship #Distribution #daily notes

#distribution channels
Channels don't generate demand, they are for fullfilment
How do you want to sell your product? - Apple store was an important channel decision.
How does your customer wants to buy? - Same day, installed, downloaded, bundle...
Types of channels: direct, indirect, licensing
Think about the channel as a customer.
Ho to channel motivate your channel? - Money, training, marketing, spif

Product - Cannel - Matrix
Product web/physical
Channel web/physical

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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Startup weekend SJ 16 pitches #daily notes #swsj

My notes and votes >2 I would probably invest:

@mySTfair 3/4 - Winner by the Startup Weekend judge!
Product watchlist to wait for a price drop
Browser plugin to set a price alert
Got 3$ funding
#crowdsourcing groupon 3/4
Twitter app for realtime hashtag group chat rooms

@NightingaleRx 2/4
Multiple medication made easy
First product: ebook
Next product: ipad app

@TrollBlock 3/4
Social network based on eliminations (unfriend and dislike)
Building a negative social graph
- unique
Raising 100k

@fishbowl 3/4
Networking solution, talk to right people, followup, realtime
95% people fail to follow up

@trambo 3/4
Mobile app for city tours with marketplace
-sounds like gowalla

@sellatscale 2/4
Outsorcing of fullfilment for ecommerce offers
Order drop handling automated
- smal feature, even real problem for smal market

@pledgeHealth 2/4
Health hub with motivation system

@PointsFlyer 2/4
Fly for free, just by signing up with several credit cards
Interesting affiliate model
- smal niche

@salesqualia 2/4
Improve sales performance
Evaluate sales call quality if calls are recorded
- great feature for salesforce, hard to sell direct to big corporates

@mhired 2/4
Hirering solution via social networks
- Copycat of branchout,, 2/4
Replace restaurant pagers with your phonenumber
Opentable with "your table is ready" sms
- nice idea, hard to scall with smb restaurants

@livelife 2/4
Activity planing with facebook app 2/4
Mobile app for short product reviews

@nexus 1/4
real estate marketplace for retail stores
- where is te problem, existing solutions cant solve?

Corporate social responsebility

Friday, January 27, 2012

@500startups demoday 30 pitches #500strong

My notes and votes out of 4 points, >2 I would probably invest.

@500startups demoday pitches #500strong

@tinyRevie 3/4
Reviews with photo + 3lines
300k raised

@RotaDosConcursos 2/4
Brazilian education platform for goverment jobs
350k raised

@cadee 3/4
Golf improvement mobile app + saas + community
500k raising
85k raised

@spinnakr 3/4
Website targeting on your website
500k raised

@weddinglovely 2/4
Wedding planer
350k raising

@switchcam 3/4
Youtube for events
750k raising
300k raised

@hapyrus 3/4
Collaborative analytics
Big data preperation with hadoop
700k raised

@lookAcross 3/4
social CRM
Analyze all social channel to find best time for a sales contact
200k own money invested

@memetales 2/4
interactive kids stories on ipad
750k raising
100k raised 3/4
Online storefront for facebook
Add a product to your fanpage wall like a photo
300k raising
100k raised

@72lux 3/4
Universal checkout, on site basket and checkout
50k setup + 100k annual + 2% transaction
300k raised
1.5M raising

@gizmo 3/4
Cloud advertising content management for content creator

@oneschool 3/4
Education via mobile apps collection to organize everything in schools
750k raised
2.5 raising

@intercom 3/4
Crm Whitelabel zappos service quality for any website
Changes customer communication
Next salesforce
1m raised
Not raising

@300milligrams 3/4
Dashboard for all cloudservies
2days to connect any cloud service
500k raising

@HighScoreHouse 3/4
Payment platform for kids
Gamification for kids daily life
Icecream for breakfast
750k raising

@postrocket 3/4
facebook marketing platform
Facebook edge rank
500k raising

@Fitocracy 2/4
Fitness app game changer
Gamification of fitness
380k raised
500k raising

@LoveWithFood 2/4
Subscription of gourmet food
Sending samples to get feedback
750k raising

@brightnest 2/4
Home maintenance dashboard
665k raised

@talkdesk 2/4
Call center as a service without agents
400k raised

@contactually 3/4
CRM in your email box
Suggestions to followup
Synchronize with crm
225k raised
500k raising

@paybygroup 2/4

@ContaAzul 2/4
Saas Accounting solution for smb in brazil
350k raised

@fileboard 2/4
File exchange and view app for tablets
Annotations, share, collaborate
500k raising 25% commited

@moPIX 3/4
Appstore for film and video
Youtube with monetization
300k raising 50% confirmed

@Farmeron 2/4
Farm data dashboard
200k raised
750k raising

@brandBoards 2/4
Connecting brands with fans
Advertising solution for stadion games
750k Raising

@eSpark 3/4
Pandora for education on ipad
1.5m raising / raised

@Tailored 2/4
Wedding planer for brides
1m raising
500k raised

@GoVoluntr 2/4
Voluntr saas for companies to build community

@SafeShepherd 2/4
Personal data removing service on subscription
600k raising
200k raised

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

E245 - Stanford Entrepreneurship #daily notes

#Value prop - Ann Minura-Ko
What is the problem for each target group?
User, buyer, recommender, decision maker

What are customers doing today?

How to test value prop hypotheses?

- core problem for customer
- features to learn from early users

#Customer Segmentation -

Inventor of the business model canvas

What is a customer?
If you compete with the value proposition, then it is a customer.
Example google users are their customer, even id they dont pay.

Empathy maps: simple customer profiler
1) what does he see in his environment?
2) hear from others
3) mind (worries,
4) what he Says about

Think about what job does a product do for its customers!

Mapping jobs
To find product market fit

#Steve Blank
The final post is here:–-the-final-presentations/

You can read the entire series here:

The posts were reprinted on the Huffington Post here:

Monday, January 16, 2012

Pnp angel deal flow session #daily notes

@graymatics 2/4
Image and video content understanding platform (object recognition)
Wants to sell it to advertisers / publishers
@goHaircut 2/4
Airbnb + opentable for haircutter
Open hours, travel, waiting time
No customer proof yet
@spyra 3/4
Mobile, social Game company
Roxanne Gibert CEO
Good experience from zynga, playfirst
Buzmod: virtual goods
@userzoom 2/4
Software to manage customer experience
Tools to do agile user testing, survey, A/B
Hubspot for usertesting
Next gen analytics
Buzmod: subscription 20k per year
4 years in business, 100 customers like google walmart amazon etc
No integration in website needed
From spain
@magnifis 2/4
Siri for android
MVP in 3 month
No distribution yet

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