Monday, August 30, 2010

pnp angel deal flow session #daily notes

@picloud 2/4
cloud computing platform which consolidates cloud platforms like
amazon and rackspace
@lark 1/4
sleep revolution with silent wake up
@reputable online 1/4
like reputation defender
@rentalic 2/4
crowdsourcing rental service with inventory functiona
@emms 1/4
medical report system


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

2/2 pitches Ycombinator Demo day 2010 #tophatangel #daily notes

@futureadvisor 2/4
Replaces Personal financial adviser like turbotax replaced personal accountants
Mint 2.0 ?

@adgrok 2/4
SEM Dashbord with a nice integrated UI
@zanox perfect app for the AppStore

@koduco games 2/4
iPad games for 2 or more players

@fanvibe 1/4
real time checkin for sports games
#a connect with chris from @yoursports

@ginzametrics 3/4
Automation and optimization tool for SEO managers on a saas subscription model
#a check it out, they have a free trial version
Angel: dave Dave McClure

@hirehive 2/4
Video presence for hiring interviews
Candidates have to answer questions in front of their webcam

@hipmunk 2/4
Flight search and comparison website
@zanox good AppStore application for whitelabel

@pagerduty 1/4
Realtime alerting system for IT operators

@thefridge 2/4
Social network without being on Facebook, more privacy
I don't got it? 2/4
Software to transform data into charts in real time

@gantto 2/4
New project management system (sharing, presenting
Team: 2

@brushes 2/4
Painting apps for mobile apps
#a install it on iPad
Great staff

1/2 pitches Ycombinator Demo day 2010 #tophatangel #daily notes

All looking for series A funding
My personal voting out of 4

@ohlife 2/4
Journal on email basis

@simperium 2/4
Platform to build mobile apps
Example simplenote

@gazehawk 1/4
Eye tracking for everyone

@rapportive 2/4
Contact profiles integrated in gmail,
Like xobni
Miss the crm features 4/4
Chat + location just obvious
@taso check it out

@whereoscope 2/4
Find your kids, using smart phones
like latitude or similar services

@indinero 2/4
Mint for business, consolidate banks credit cards and paypal

@teevox 3/4
Makes you mobile phone to a Remote control
Team MIT hacker

@1000memories 2/4
Place to remember things like a cemetery

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Saturday, August 21, 2010

28 change the world pitches @profounder @inVenture @exygy @skillshare #daily notes #da2010

28 Pitches to change the world hosted by sandbox and singularity
university - with my voting out of 4 points:
@1degree 3/4
show about how to start your company
wants to globalize
@poverup 3/4
non profit microfinance platform for students
@ctcKenya 3/4
invest in students and share their salary
@skillshare 4/4
gaming for learning
education revolutiom
@bamyan media 2
tv show about social entrepreneurs
@elecar 2
elevating the electric car
@foundersfirst 3/4
increase success rate of entrepreneurs
@theSchoolfund 3/4
microfinance for students
@catchafire 2
volunteer marcetplace for non profit projects
@malotraders 2
fair prices sales channel
cheap shoes for the third world
@mike del ponte 4/4
first social entrepreneur incubator
@almacommunity 2
education platform for entrepreneurs
flip flops
@scholarPro 3/4
new education
@exygy 4/4
@inVenture 3/4
next step in microfinance for entrepreneurs
support social ventures
social capital for cleantech entrepreneurs
power of ideas with impact
@profounder 4/4
crowdfunding platform
everyone an entrepreneur
public fundraising

Friday, August 20, 2010

plugandplay EIR friday pitches #daily notes

@lark 2/4
sleep improving infrastructure
wake up system on smartphone no noise
@quizsense 3/4
social media gaming engine
for betting and predictions 2/4
financial transaction service like xoom moneygram or westernunion -
better pricing and
@capseo 3/4
seo agency wirh a product for crowdsourcing
@joget 2/4
open source workflow system

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

#founder conference summary with @mint @dropbox @thefunded @davemcclure #daily notes

Agenda backwards:
#incubator panel
Is it worth to give up 5-10% of the company to incubators like ycom
techstars or foundersinstitute?
Answer of startups: yes and more
#pitches - sales list: looks for cofounder
#PR panel
Traditional media guys try to sell us trasitional media like radio and
newspaper. WTF?
- anyway, they explained how to get their attention.
simple answer: discover a single person, pitch him on an event and
follow up again and again. its like a hard sales job!
Forget press releases!
lean startup: (measure, iterate, listen users, simplify)
AARRR: acquisition, activation, retention, referral, revenue
stop developing features and start scale if u found meaning
#dropbox @DrewHouston
decide on numbers
viral and WOM successful marketing
#thefunded @adeo
-ideas dont matter, passion matters
-hire slow and fire fast
-if you want win, dont compromize with your team
-dont build a company that does noy want you
-startup funding will change dramaticly in the next 3 month
#mint @AaronPatzer
get his slides for "how to find a business model", very structured process

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Super Angel lesson by Mike Maples on supercoolschool

Mike Maples
super angel, floodgate fund partner

How he invests:
invests earlier, faster, smaller amounts
500k is the new 5mio funding
looking for meaningful investments
his first investments twitter and digg
looking for psycho entrepreneurs (more risky, crazy about his vision)
90% of his investments are going into silicon valley companies
he has a very local strategy
personal recommendation is key to get his attention
angel investing is satisfying and you get rewarded by the ideas of all the entrepreneurs you work with.

How he started as an  angel investor:
met 100 most interesting guys from silicon valley
not deal flow its people flow
meet people not business plans

What are good angels?
true appreciation about entrepreneur
discovering a business before scaling
provide acceleration not taking operational decisions
be ready to accept that the entrepreneur can make it happen and not yourself
lean startup means agile not cheap startups: be able to change everything, every day