Monday, December 28, 2009

P2P Passenger to Passenger airline screening

Great idea - i love collective intelligence ;-)

P2P Passenger to Passenger airline screening

Yesterday Nina and I went from Saint Martin to Miami. As a result of the foiled terrorist attack we were subject to 2 screenings. One was the already extensive screening that US airports do that are already intense, shoes off and all. But after that we went through another painful passenger by passenger screening that resulted in a 90 minute delay for the flight. Every passenger was searched an average of 2 minutes by 2 security people divided into male and female passenger. This included intense searches on passengers in wheel chairs and people of all ages included very elderly passengers.

As I observed this process I could not stop thinking that there must be a better and faster way of dealing with periods of high alert like the one we are going through now right in the middle of the holiday season. So this what came to mind.

I would leave the first screening as it is but I would change the second screening. Before you go on reading please remember that until yesterday I had never encountered a second screening. Now if there is going to be a 90 minute long second screening process here is a better alternative. It is what I called P2P passenger to passenger airline screening.

The plan would be that in the waiting lounge, before boarding, with all passengers there, airline personnel organize say 20 groups of 10 passengers each. It is important that the assignment be done randomly by airline employees. One way would be to use seat assignments. Then after this groups are formed two leaders would be chosen in each group based on the passengers with the most miles. Then in each group passengers would introduce each other and leaders would ask whatever questions they find reasonable in order to conclude if the members of her/his group are safe to fly with. If they see anything out of the ordinary they would refer the passenger to security for further questioning.

Why P2P?

-passengers have skin in the game. Security personnel stays on the ground.

-it is much faster. 2 people screen 200 passengers for 2 minutes each in 200 minutes. This process should not take more than 15 minutes, possibly 5.

- this is on top of current security, it is one more layer of security.

-many terrorist attacks are stopped by fellow passengers.

-with all respect to the privately hired security forces that screen passengers around airports it is likely that the average well traveled passenger is smarter than the average newly hired private security employee.

-as opposed to Israeli screening methods which are considered best in the world and involved extensive, random interviewing current security does not involve conversations. It is through conversation and normal human interaction that a person who is about to blow up a plane with whatever method may be discovered.

The P2P screening idea is one of those projects like Wikipedia, that believes that collective intelligence is g...

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Socialmedia is everywhere

If you think socialmedia is only important for big companies, look at
this picture. This I have seen here in the Valley already at
supermarkets, my butcher an coffee shops like this clocktower:

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Slides: Crowd Sourcing panel #webplay at pnp with #fixya #peerpong #zecco #zanox

Tiburon-TV Interview mit Viktoria Trosien @ Web 2.0 Expo New York

Viktoria hat mich befragt zu meinen Erfahrungen als Unternehmer, welche Tipps ich Existenzgruendern geben wuerde, was das Silicon Valley so besonders macht und welche Trends ich fuer 2010 sehe...
Hier noch einmal einen grossen Danke an Viktoria und Tiburon-TV fuer euer grosses Engagement in der deutschen Startup-Szene.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

web2expo NY09 notes - Do what you do best. Link to the rest. #w2e

#w2e NY 2009
#what happens next? Jeff Jarvis
Life is a beta (careers, marriages, kids)
Process over product
(Openess leads to collaboration)
End of mass production
The best is the enemie of the good.
Beta lifestyle
#a what would google do (book)

#enterprise mashing, oren michels
Open your api
Pay attention to potential risks
Good examples: bestbuy, netflix

#Chris Brogan mayor of twitter
#Caterina Fake, hunch, flickr founder

40mio users
Digg add, user feedback increases add price
Don't hire PR do it yourself, hack the press
Release early and often
Prototypes are cheap to build
Local: gorilla foursquare
#a blog of kevin rose

Internet war, not open to the world
Web20: building internet operating system
Don't just open up because you're the underdog.
Do the right thing. You will gratify the people and astonish the rest. Mark twain Jeff Jarvis
If you can't make it, fake it.

#murder as a way to win, Nilofer merchant
Murderboarding strategy:
Framework for making tough decisions:
-With wisdom of any/many
-Dosnt get diluted
-Clear decision at the end

-decide what matters

#Collaborative problem solving is GOOD
(Engagement, resilient solutions, brains knowing why)
Because, if WE decide together, we will fight together to get it!

#How to?
-Park, don't kill
-Avoid antibodies (love or leave it)
-Pronouncing death (publish what you killed)
-Make it fun by making it end (clear timeline)
-Cloaking devices

#The 5 whuffie factors, Tara Hunt
Forget social media marketing strategy!
Think people/customer
-centric (not yourself),
-happiness (make your own choice, effective)
-influencers/enthusiasts care about your enthusiasts
#a book: Down and out in the magic kingdom. - No money in the future insted whuffie
Slides at slideshare

Friday, November 13, 2009

All about Crowdsourcing and Cloud Work

Because I believe in collective intelligence, here an overview about crowdsourcing:
What are some of the buzzwords that are commonly used when talking about groups of people working for you? Who should use crowdsourcing? How do you build it out? etc..
Read this:

List of crowsourcing providers (>70 tools)

Summary and Status Quo
Crowdsourcing: Opinions Managed
Paid Crowdsourcing – On-Demand Workers in the Cloud
How do Crowdsourced Workers Feel?

All my blogs regarding crowdsourcing:

Crowdsourced Song Created by YouTubers - I’ve Got Nothing:

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

cloud computing conference Santa clara 2009

#cloud computing conference
Santa clara convention center
My assumption:
The idea of cloud computing is powerful and will change the industry. But not the existing tech industry will make it happen. It needs a web rebel doing this with the concept of "open platform as a service" to get the
cloud alive!

Friday, October 30, 2009

40 startups @PnP PACT pitch 2009

my rating from 1-4 (4=best)
Mycubi - crowd local mobile service marketplace 4
Passpack - private data management 1  
Avatars united - games mmo 3 - robots for fashion industry 1
NetOff - japan 2hand marketplace with stocking 1
RouteBox - global limo service 2
BlooSee - wikipedia for sailors on maps 3
Satalia - the solve engine ?? 2
Efans - facebook for sports 1
Accesco virtual - secondlife f entrepreneurs 1
Active conversion - ??
Arcalife - family tree + social 2
Asat - smart grid technology 1
Atlantis research lab - solar panels more efficient and less costs 4
Awesense - wireless smart grid system 2
ItSportsNet - platform to organize private sports events 3
BCS - tools for easy database usage 1
Bluehome - all in one mobilephone remote control 1
Togetthere - mobile car pooling concept 2
Darkmatterlabs - 1 - environmental social media network like utopia - 2
Radial viewer - software to
Stalqer - iphone app like latitude
Digitrad - consolidated address book from twitter, facebook, google etc. 4
Jostle - b2b social software 2

and some more:
Voice 123

Thursday, October 29, 2009

#twitter meetup - apps for twitter

Here some short notes about the first twitter meetup I attend at
hacker dojo last night.
My summary about this in one sentece: The valley is now developing
apps based on twitter traffic and content like hell.
This will become a new universum, regarding realtime- content and
interaction, because now you can react on customer needs or buying
decisions in realtime. So its the right time to think about
monetization of this and cpa is the right currency, using There is real potential for the next killer

#twitter meetup
Hashtag: #Tmeetup

Connecting your digital activity
Like friendfeed and allows you filtering and auto posting by topics in
different channels

Realtime Hotel queries via tweets and RT

Shrina patel
Fotosharing on twitter like tweetpic plus community features and editing

Twitter tool for sharing, search, review and sharing like tweetdeck,
but much more

Automatic direct messages for followers and tweets like price comparison

#140h.Me Hashtag tracker
lawrence sinclair
Collects all hashtags and offers in realtime a url for this under
hashtag plus a wiki page. So everybody can contribute to the same
hashtag to setup up a hashtag-ipedia

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Thomas Hessler
CEO/Co-Founder of zanox

Friday, August 21, 2009

Why I believe in social networks like facebook and twitter

A real business success story – including Twitter, Facebook and half a million Euros

Are you curious, maybe even still skeptical about Facebook and Twitter? Are you of those who have been wondering about what the real advantages of social networks are? Have you been asking yourself what the hell all that buzz is about anyway? Yes? Good! Because here is my answer, including a real business success story, half a million Euros and the importance of being always on!

First of all, here’s a little background information, because this is where our story begins: At the beginning of June, the holding group Arcandor filed for insolvency. At that point, nobody knew for sure what would happen to its subsidiaries Thomas Cook, Primondo and Karstadt-Quelle. We were especially worried about the future of Karstadt-Quelle, a major retailer and one of our biggest advertisers. So we had to make a decision: Either shut down the Quelle affiliate programme, like most of the other networks did – or continue it, and take the risk.

We truly believe in the internet as the most successful and efficient sales and marketing channel – and it was this belief, which made us continuing the Quelle programme. Also, we didn’t want to let down one of our best partners during this tough time. However, we knew that we would have to get in touch with the insolvency administrator immediately. We needed to learn what their next steps were to be, get clarification on the potential risks, and also their confirmation of payments. So we assumed risk, continued the programme and informed our publishers about our intentions and what it would mean for them. At the same time, we tried to get in touch with the Arcandor insolvency administrator via our lawyers and account managers – without any success.

On June 11, I took a look at the Linkmafia blog, a personal German affiliate marketing blog, written by our employee Denis Maibaum, and read the following statement: “I think it’s cool that we don’t shut the Quelle programme, but keep it open for our publishers […] Supporting a client in tough times cannot be wrong. And Quelle is still a major retailer brand, which just won’t disappear from one day to another.”

This blog post motivated me to go public with the whole story – so I personally got in touch with the Quelle insolvency administrator via Twitter. That’s what I wrote:

June 11 at 6:30pm • via Twitter
Thomas Hessler: @arcandor-insolvenzverwalter: We believe in online!

My tweet caught the attention of Paulus Neef, founder of Pixelpark, so he contacted me on Facebook:

June 11 at 10:22pm
Paulus Neef: Hi Thomas – what’s your idea? Maybe I can help. I know him…

June 12 at 12:15pm •
Thomas Hessler: thanks paulus. we’re running about 40 affiliate programmes for arcandor subsidiaries, quelle and karstadt are among them. we were supposed to shut them down because of the announced insolvency, but we really believe that online channels are the most important assets of arcandor right now, so they should definitely survive. it would be pure madness to shut down arcandor’s most efficient sales channel. I think mr piepenburg [the insolvency administrator] would be really grateful for that bit of information. we need a clear statement of him, otherwise we can’t longer take the risk here.

Only a few days later, one of the Arcandor board members got in touch with me and asked for a conference call with the zanox board. At the end of June, the call took place; we discussed the current situation and our cooperation. Only two weeks later, we received the official payment confirmation of 500,000 Euros.

Quelle is still one of our best-performing advertisers and we were even able to enhance the success of our cooperation during the last couple of weeks. The story isn't even over yet, we'll cross our fingers for all of them.

Well, if this isn’t a real business success story on Web 2.0!
See you soon on facebook ;-)

P.S. meanwhile the story of Quelle is over and the company went insolvent


Or if you like numbers more, watch this video:

Monday, April 6, 2009

web2expo 2009 in a nutshell - The power of less #w2e

Web2expo 2009 - "The power of less"

+++ "What's coming html developments?" +++
Category: Web development tools
-Canvas: for browser graphic apps
-fast java script: dramatic faster
-web workers: doing things in the browser backround
-desktop integration: cutting edge desktop/web link

Example developer tools:
-Ms Silverlight, adobe flash, apple cocoa, sun javaFx
-Open Web Platform: home, documentation, dashboard, directory and roadmap for developers
-Firebug: mozilla environment for developers
-safari: (like firebug)
-chrome (only fiew tools)
-Yui: yahoo framework
-Blueprint: cross browser styling framework
-ms super preview
-thunderhead: grid based layouts from mozilla
-atlas: future web apps
-open web tools: there are hundreds, check out on: open web tools directory
>Thinking of starting, iterate or improve something? - Start today!

+++ "The Lean startup"- Eric Ries +++
Category: Strategy and business models
Startup #1
Good startup? Plan, vision, best team, well organized - but failed! (40mm lost)
Shadow beliefs:
-we know what customers want
-we can predict the future
-advancing the plan is progress

Startup #2 (Imvu)
No plan
-Shipped product in 6 month (horribly buggy beta)
-charged from day one!
-shipped multiple times a day (50 times a day)
-no pr, no launch (focus on customer needs)
-results: 10mm dollars in 2007
-Commodity technology stack
-Customer development
#a book recommendation

Product development
Old: waterfall process from requirement to mainten.
New: Agile - experiment/feedback/experiment (picture) =customer development + extrem programming
Minimize the total time through the loop:
Ideas - code - data - ideas - code ...

How to builld a LeanStartup
(Learn- code- measure- faster)
-continous deployment (severals a day)
-Tell a good change from bad change quickly
-revert a bad change quickly
-work in small batches (large batch 3 day work)
-break large projects into small batches
-run tests locally
-continuous integration server (buildbot)
-incremental deploy
-alerting and predictive monitoring
-fix problems from customers
-a/b testing is key to validating
-make it simple and measurable and auditable for everyone
-asl why five times when something unexpected happens
-make proportional investments in prevention
-behind every technical problem is usually a human problem. Fix the cause, not the symptom

+++ "Situation normal, everything must change." - Simon wardley, ´+++
-Shift: from Innovation, bespoke, products, to services
-Componentisation is the right strategy (focus on your core competency)
-Cloud computing is the future
-Examples of the shift: amazon ec2, google apps, salesforce, Ubuntu: operation system based on cloud computing (from canonical)

+++ "CRM with Facebook" - clara shih +++
Category: Fundamentals
New solutions with facebook connect:
#a Facebook + salesforce
#a book recommendation:
Facebook ad campaigns to people
Appirio: facebook recruiting tool (employee recomm.)
Customer service: salesforce with twitter

+++ "Its the people, stupid" - Deborah Schulz +++
Category: Marketing and communication
Join, not interrupt people
Be a part of the community
Help users participate
Stay for some value
Love you give, you get back
>Experiment, listen, rinse, repeat

-Thradless fotos on t-shirts
-Moo business cards with your flickr fotos on the back

+++ General +++
Tags: w2e web2expo
Twitter #w2e #web2expo
Groups: Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr
Full schedule: