Thursday, September 30, 2010

20 pitches at Expo plugandplaytechcenter

The winner from the VC jury:
iSocket, rSeven and !nflectSOL

@picbounce 2/4
Iphone app Social photo sharing
@mingleverse 2/4
Social telepresence (3d virtual meeting rooms)
Facebook + twitter + skype + ...
Helps with sms and calls during driving
@inflectsol 1/4
Green manufaturing for LED lights
Still in research status
@ddc 1/4
Data management saas
@passmark 1/4
Software development company
@yapper 2/4
Mobile app generation platform
@getquik 2/4
Restaurant order for deliveries
@peelindustries 1/4
Avatar to dress yourself
@eugrid 2/4
Cloud storage and virtual workspace
@violin 1/4
Cloud computing
@rseven 2/4
Recording of all your phone calls and connect with crm
@mobibucks 2/4
Mobile payment solution
@tapplocal 2/4
Mobile advertising network
@icoupon 2/4
Social geo Coupon platform
@gantto 1/4
Project management saas
@appbackr 2/4
#crowdfunding to develop iphone apps
@friendcaller 2/4
VOI like skype
@twocents 2/4
Conversation platform like twitter
@gotocamera 3/4
Security network via webcams #crowdsourcing

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

3/3 Techcrunch #disrupt summary #TopHatAngel

#startup pitches
With my votes on investment potential aut of 4 points

7 Finalists:

@qwiki 2/4

@cloudflare 2/4
Free Virtual Load balancing for websites

@datasift 4/4
Realtime data curation
@globumbus tracking
@twe etmeme

@opzi 2/4
Quora for intranets

@gamecrush 2/4
Casual games as dating platform

@pinger 2/4
Free sms for incentivized offers

@badgeville 3/4
Checkin game on websites
Loyalty system


@groupme 3/4
manage a group with sms (like fastsociety)
All via sms:
On demand calls withe your group
Free Group sms texting

@wisedame 2/4
Iphone app for inform parents when you not get on time, where you were
and with whom
Teman: woman

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Thomas Hessler
Founder zanox, Globumbus & Angel Investor
Berlin Checkpoint Charlie
Friedrichstraße 50
10117 Berlin

email, skype, msn, Gtalk:
Global mobile: +49 173 6111884
US mobile: +1 415 335 9843

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

2/3 Techcrunch #disrupt summary day 2 #daily notes #TopHatAngel

#startup pitches 1/4
Social complain system
-to much bad energy, don't like it

@sumazi 2/4
Iphone app to introduce people

@pinger 2/4
Text free for incentivised offers

@tello 2/4
Iphone app to rate customer service

@conyac 3/4
48 language translation via Crowdsourcing
Screening by the crowd
20% transaction fee based on 3cent per letter
6 languages on ui
Team: japan, two founder cto, ceo
Finance: 500k lookibg for

Bet on everything

Facebook storefront saas with a

@bubbalon 2/4
Like measure network

@digitalluxury 2/4
Brandsforfriends for latin america

@praized 3/4
Lead generation from social media
Finance: Raised 2m
Paul dawalibi

Cross platform Task list
Business: fremium

@iCoolhunt 3/4
checkin game to discover cool things 2/4
Life log, checkin service

@instamobil 2/4
Mobil storefront saas for ecommerce sites

@marketfish 1/4
List marketing email and postal lists

@Immou 2/4
Helping each other platform

Your neighborhood social network

Stop checking emails

Announces his V2 and translation via crowdsourcing into 100 languages

Prepayment credit card for my kids

Monday, September 27, 2010

1/3 Techcrunch #disrupt summary day 1 #Daily notes #TopHatAngel

#Startup pitches
With my votes out of 4 points. (Investment potential)

Very fast P2P lending
#crowdsourcing #crowdfunding
Tom Contreras
#a follow-up with
Like #Thinkfinance ?

@kwaga 3/4
Crm for gmail with recommendations
Comes with an iphone app in 4 weeks

Second market for groupon coupons

@postling 3/4
Sme social media cm
Team: etsy
Finance: raising 500k with dave mcclure
-no brainer

@snapdragon 2/4
Product checkin game
Coupon checkin system

@onetruefan 2/4
Game to compete with friends who share the same content
#globumbus tracking solution?

@checkpoints 2/4
Mobile app for checkin points in retail stores
High effort to sell

@gifi 4/4
Next generation app, based on foursquare
Give virtual gifts with real money at real locations
2500usd friend on facebook
Team: Venmo

@badgeville 3/4
Whitelabel social Loyalty system for any website
Become a mayor of any website or earn points for comments on any website
Social, gaming, checkin, engaging : all in
#globumbus tracking solution?

@Gunzoo 2/4
Video streaming wall to browse and watch many videos at the same time

@Storify 3/4
Converts tweets into stories
Invite code: tcdisrupt

@Qwiki 2/4
New way of news consumption like nabaztag

@mygengo 3/4
Translation #crowdsourcing in 12 languages
With an api, localization app or ui translation
5-15 cent per word

@efactors 2/4
Entrepreneurs / investors network from russia
#a check platform

#craigslist killer
#a send him an email

@warrantylife 3/4
Warranty for products for lifetime
Take a picture of all your receipts and send them over

@upgo 2/4
groups for facebook

@social27 2/4
Virtual events and social crm
-only an directory, no matching or new interection

Mobile app creator like homepage baukasten
For bloggers and editors

@rseven 1/4
Record all your voice calls and provides you an log

@mymonolog 2/4
Transcription doctors, lawyers,
Smal market

@Mentormob 3/4
Crowdsourcing for education
Kris chinosornvatana
Business model: advertising

@datasift 3/4
PTwitter data analysis and alerts

Improve the learning experience
tablet for students
Integrates students books and notes/drawings

#Hot topics
Facebook and zynga

No fake
Smaler exits
Super angels are small VCs - that's it
-Is it ok to take cash early from table as an invstor?
Dave mcclure: yes together with founders
VCs: no

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My Burning Man experience

First of all, it was the most exciting event I ever attend and I'm looking forward to next year.

Imagine mad max, love parade and alice in wonderland become best
friends and live together in one city to party, then you are almost
there in Metropolis / Black Rock City.
Next year we need to go there within a group of people, a theme and a
service to provide to the community. The european presense there was
almost zero and should be increased in my eyes. So if there is anybody
who wants to contribute to Metropolis with some european style, feel
free to get in touch and join the team.
...more pictures on my facebook profile