Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Founders Institute best in the world graduates #daily notes

America: Kaliki
Europe: idespo
Asia: Identifii
Silicon Valley: Rentcycle
Most Disruptive: CakeHealth
Best overall: Udemy

Monday, November 7, 2011

The Future of Gamification #daily notes

@PeerEriksson communicator
#Swedish fikka: 22 nobel prices come from a university of 200 people,
because they meet 4 times a day in their cantina.
#If you got it flaunt it - andy warholl
#innovation vs design
Innovation is designing how we want to live

#7 steps to heaven
1 think transdisciplinary
2 Have a humanistic perspective
3 act responsible (make it matter)
4 make it different (different or die)
5 share knowledge
6 be intuitive
7 dare to fail (do it and fix it as you go)
Stay foolish, stay hungry!

#gamification of learning
#5 superpowers of learning design:
1 story telling (tell a story over month, not in ppt session)
2 Gamify (points, level, badges, onboarding, quests)
3 3D (excitement)
4 Social (collaboration)
5 Mobile (always u
Cisco, sap start to gamify their business solutions

#STEM education
Social, because we are humans.
Focus on tools, not on informations.
Not learning specific. (Biz phones are dead)
3D and simulation goes web.

#Games as the main learning tool
@MatsWiklund Professor Stockholm University

#gamification for change
Ozma Game Design Studio
Why gamification?: Attraction, loyalty, activity (contribute
willingly), circulation (give a reason to talk to friends)
When: ..Gamif. needs to be a part of solution not add on
What: activities, situations, experiences, systems

#a "train for success" AndersGroenstedt: Every thursday 9am on second
live show about gamification
#a book: reality is broken
#a second life - free 3d engine to prototype
#a unitry3d - free developer solution
#a algodoo physics - education software in mac appstore
#a weproject - tool for change
#a gamification chart
#a check out dreamhack events (500k live viewer)

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