Thursday, February 2, 2012

Opening German Silicon Valley Accelerator, keynote by @PeterThiel

@DirkKanngiesser - welcome
German companies are great engeneers, bad sales marketing
Only SAP as a global success in software after the war

@PeterThiel - keynote
To build a great company, ask yourself Is this the best in the world?
Last moover companies have a good potential to become the best.
The greatest companies got never sold.
VCs go out of business in countries where all companies sell at 20M.

#His advise to German entrepreneurs:
To build a new mittelstand, first germany needs to believe
In a new mittelstand in terms of success and worth to invest in.
Investors shouldn't push entrepreneurs to sell, to build great companies.
Germany is the most under invested place in the world.

Huffingtonpost meets wikipedia

Network defense technology

Image recognition to find and filter pictures
Dennis Wetzig ceo
Raisied 1.3M

Apply SVB demoday in march @carrie startups 500k
Followup with mentorCloud, raising 1,5M
Followup with oliver to connect GSVA with UFOstart

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