Thursday, October 27, 2016

summary of #PnPexpo materials, retail, fintech #btc

Plugandplay expo materials, retail, fintech

#Meterial startup pitches
@Cerahelix winner of new materials 

Plastic pollution recycling

health tracking via sweat

#Retail startup pitches
@kwik 3/4
Button to order online

@6dbytes 2/4
Robot to prepaire smoothies and healthy food

@benchmark intelligence 2/4
In store customer experience

@memomi 3/4 T
Smart mirror

@gofind 2/4
Ecommerce Searchengine based on photos

@vonbismarck 2/4
The Mall - ecommerce marketplace on TV via xbox, 

@gravy analytivs 2/4
Mobile location events

@queuehop T
Self checkout label in retail stores

Smart security event recognition cam

@talkable 3/4 T
Refer friends program for ecommerce

@privme 2/4
Shopping club with AI recommendations

@Sparo 2/4
Charity at checkout

@SwiftIQ 2/4
Dashboards for POS optimization

@OakLabs 3/4 T
Connected store platform
Tech, data, 
Optimize Dollars per minute per m2

#fintech startup pitches

@Bpmilne Keynote 
Ben Milne about @dwolla
Api for banking startups or to transfer money (Like twilio for banking)
Not blockchain based, just connected to some blockchain services
No btc

@nuco 4/4
Enterprise blockchain infrastructure
Like aws for blockchain
Power decentralized infrastructure
? Based on ethereum
! Fundraizing

@Dobot 2/4
Personal financial advisor app
No btc

@Ccobox 2/4
Compliance as a service for money laundry
AI for traditional banks

@Eximchain 3/4
credit score on blockchain for import export companies

Instrument capital 2/4

@Shopinbox 2/4
Automate Credit card benefits
Price gurantee, protection etc

@Sizeup 1/4
Business analytics for smbs

#a @Tierion 3/4
Blockchain proof engine
Verifying data for iot, insurance, pharma, audit

@Flowcast 1/4
Api for b2b financing (pay later..)
No btc

@Lenny credit inc 1/4
Consumer credits via mobile

@Trunomi 1/4
Digital personal rights
No btc, propriotory

@TheSunExchange 3/4
Solarcoin exchange platform
Invest in african solar panel via crowdfunding
Blockchain based
#a intro to stepsforchildren, no namibia
Fundraizing 3/4
Global trade blockchain network

@RedeockBiometrics 1/4
Biometric authentication system based on camera and your hand

@Vault 1/4
Retirement investing via automated portfolio management as whitelabel solution for businesses 

@xPressTap T
POS Checkout via your phone

@Tradle 4/4
KYC on blockchain
Fundraizing series A

@Vintra 2/4
Search engine for video surveillance
Crowdsourced data

@Stellar 1/4
Move money without blockchain? Wtf

@Shocard 3/4
Identity check based on blockchain
Pin + fingerprint + facescan + id
? Tracktion

@Netki 3/4
Verisign for blockchains
Routing names for btc keys

Trade signals from market noise
Disrupt investment research

1a followup with scott robinson for gtec blockchain award

2a connect george damouny