Sunday, February 23, 2014

Pitches from Bitcoin Hackathon @coinswap @JeffCoin @Supporttr @yeahletsdothat #daily notes

@ever Lego cat waver 2/4
Wallet and notification when bitcoins received in your wallet

@bitstamp 3d order book 1/4

@egg surprise - failed

@Supporttr 3/4
Monthly Donations in btc
Splits your donations into several proj

@yeahletsdothat 3/4
Kickstarter for btc without escrow

@qllect 2/4
Transfer ownership of digital items like keidom

@coinswap 4/4
Semi trusted exchange
"Multi signature wallet" !! Starts with3
2 out of 2 key wallet
Traderoom: 2 out of 3

@ethereum experiment
Create Contracts for money and 
Starting a Ethereum meetup in berlin

@bitcoin vegas
Education and gamification for btc beginner
Guy who works in our coworking space

@JeffCoin voting 3/4
Voting as a currency on top of the blockchain
Inside coloredcoins
P2P voting

Bitcoin jay !!! Guy who knows about wire, decentral wallets etc

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