Tuesday, November 27, 2018

my notes of Demoday startupbootcamp digital health #daily notes

@oxipit 3/4
Automatic chest x-ray reporting by AI
To many x-rays, to little analysts 
#a  looking for early adopters

@raccoon 1/4
Recovery controler 

@Mindable 1/4
Overcome anxiety by exporer therapy 
App Nya with advise for situations
Like silp

@cardiolyse 3/4
Heart attack prevention by algorithm and tracking of ecg, ppg, activity, sleep
Detection 2 month in advance
Ukrain team
1M for sales
#a working product to test (Thomas Gamm?)

@Ai4medicine 2/4
AI Stroke prevention
>very early, just idea

@Computational life 2/4
Digital Human avatar to simulate drug tests and medical solutions
raising 1M

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Thursday, April 5, 2018

My Blockchain speech during Unternehmertag 2018

Reasons why not to invest in crypto
Don't get mad, get crypto?
Who is all in?
Red Pill or blue Pill?

Slides of my speech