Tuesday, November 27, 2018

my notes of Demoday startupbootcamp digital health #daily notes

@oxipit 3/4
Automatic chest x-ray reporting by AI
To many x-rays, to little analysts 
#a  looking for early adopters

@raccoon 1/4
Recovery controler 

@Mindable 1/4
Overcome anxiety by exporer therapy 
App Nya with advise for situations
Like silp

@cardiolyse 3/4
Heart attack prevention by algorithm and tracking of ecg, ppg, activity, sleep
Detection 2 month in advance
Ukrain team
1M for sales
#a working product to test (Thomas Gamm?)

@Ai4medicine 2/4
AI Stroke prevention
>very early, just idea

@Computational life 2/4
Digital Human avatar to simulate drug tests and medical solutions
raising 1M

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