Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Inside Apple @startup2startup #daily notes

Should you run your startup like steve jobs?

How apple works:
Learn to Say No
Focus just on one thing at atime
Ceo is involved in this thing
Only talk about your product
All work local in cupertino
DRI direct responsible individual
Business leader dont need to make money, they focus on products
They dont do customer focus groups but they do testing
Apple is no fun play it is a work environment youre proud about
If you work for apple, its not about you anymore, its about apple.
Ceo gives feeback every 2 weeks
Apple people dont multitask, they do one thing at a time.
Competing internal teams on same topic

Take Aways:
Wolfe pack Team
Product or manager CEO
Not for startups
Pick only one from the list as startup
Military similarities to focus

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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Angelpad demoday pitches spring 2012 #daily

2000 applications - 10 pitches

@academize 2/4
#education personalized video lesson creator

@embark anywhere 2/4
#travel mobile booking app

@elasticbox 2/4
#deploy applications in the cloud

@spotivate 2/4
#local event discover app

@mobile captain 2/4
#mobile local ad platform for sme

@piggybackr 3/4
#fundraising for young people
#crowdfunding for good

@spotsetter 2/4
Social Search engine to find out: Where do I go?

Future of enterprise communication

@rolepoint 2/4
Social recruitment platform

@dropt 2/4
Watermark platform for images to connect to ecommerce


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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Startup conference summary and pitches #startupconf #daily notes

#Keynote Dave McClure  500 startups  
Reinventing venture capital through innovation, incubation, iteration 
Changes in tech startups
- less capital required
- more customers online
- lots of little bets: accelerators, angels, angel list (ycombinator, tech stars, 500 startups, angel pad)
Web2.0 + lean startup
1. Startup costs: lower
2. Users, bandwidth: bigger
3. Transaction $$$: better 
Building product - cheaper, faster, better
Getting customers - easier, more measurable
Iterative product & marketing decisions based in measured user behavior.  
Successful platforms have: features, users, money.
AARRR model:   
 #Startup Pitches

@leadferret 2/4
Address lists

@busyflow 2/4
Integrating productivity tools like: pivotal, google docs, github, basecamp, dropbox, evernote etc.

@flipgigs 3/4
Marketplace for student labor

@GZpoints 3/4
Discounts for kids on local stores based on their grades 2/4
What to buy - answering engine

@sonarflow 2/4
Music recommendation app

@vuukle 2/4
Credibility filter for comments

#Keynote @JustinKan Exec
Starting companies -
@Kiko web calender never got users got funding from YC asked customer what they want: for gaming
@Socialcam mobile streaming
@EXEC. Outsorce tasks via video message for $25
Good time to start a company right now: just because its so easy with Heroku to build web apps
You will never win if you don't try.

#Keynote @TimDraper,
Is looking for:
-Businesses with zeros on their balance sheets (no costs)
-Heros and riskmasters
Recommends countries to invest in: singapore and korea

#tracktion panel
With @99designs @seatgeek @wepay @inporia
Recommendations: lean startup idea, mvp,

#Investors panel
Pitch: show dont explain, tell stories

#Keynote Jerry Kaplan
How to fix the 5 biggest mistakes founders make?
1 write down your goals and mission
2 dont try to be right, find out the right idea.
3 distribut your equity and dont be greedy (equity is like shit if you keep it in a pot, but it grows if you spred it out)
4 hire people you need and not nessesarly you like.
5 know when to let go.

Best qualities you need
1 belief that you can make a difference
2 passion
3 optimism
4 tolerance for uncertainty
5 genuine concern for others

1 Leadership - build consensus in the face of uncertainty
2 Communication - everyone should know their job and how it contribute
3 Knowing when to make a decision - amateurs too early, perfectionists too late
4 Teamwork - delegate, trust,msupport (Think of yourself as an employee of your company.)
5 Ability to telescope - attention to detail while seeing the big picture

Companies have the personality of their CEOs

#Todos for UFOstart
Data guy
Customer service guy
Get Dealflow On the platform via landingpage

Legal document generator for startups: