Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Summary and votes of 8 pitches @ #FounderShowcase with @realtymogul @whalepath

My notes and votes out of 4 points. > 2 means I am probably interested to invest.

@whalepath 3/4
Crowdsourced research platform
Students & part times
Filter, template, quality 8/10hours $500 per research
750k raising
> dont see the crowd if it is pre selected

@crimewatchus 2/4
Safety software connects police to public
750k raising

@realtymogul 4/4
Crowdfunding for real estate
Pool money for office building
Like angellist and kickstarter for startups
750k raising
> I dont like their self made due diligence process. Bring the wisdom of the crowd in.

@vinolovers 2/4
Wine education subscription
> to crowded market

@embarke 2/4
Email campaign optimization by scheduling time of delivery
1m raising

@entryless 2/4
B2b payment solution

@engageapro 2/4
B2B Ratings on service providers
Yelp for professional services
750k raising

@datepress 2/4
Couples experience dates
>women want to be surprised by your creativity and not just your wallet. Hard to scale.

RSCM Ventures calculates the valuation of a seed startup based on the team within a week or two. #UFOstart does this within minutes by calculating the startup value 

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Summary: Chris Dixon - Good ideas that look like bad ideas #foundershowcase @cdixon

Chris Dixon @cdixon

Good ideas that look like badbideas 
like google, airbnb, ebay
Crowded, non monetizable, 
= Left-over business

You only can do it, if you know a secret.

Working 1000 hours on a thing and find the secret.
Know tools better than anyone else, Like: dropbox, 
Know the problems better than anyone else: Kickstarter (worked on it 10 years)
Draw from your unique life experience: Sideadvisor, pinterest

Powerfull people dismiss them as toys:
-Telephone, skype, 
They unbundle functions done by others:
-Newspapers by twitter, craigslist,..
-Universities by Udacity
Did it originate as ahobby?
Is it creepy in a way?
-Airbnb, flickr, ebay, facebook

How I got this secret: trial and error

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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

#launch2013 pitch summaries and live crowdfunding with @DOZ

My notes and votes out of 4 points >2 I am probably interested  to invest

@epilogger 2/4
App to consolidate all social streams: twitter, facebook, linkedin, foursquare

@visiobike 1/4
E bike woth gadgets for 6k

@eshares 3/4
Platform for electronic shares
Nasdaq for private companies
#a checkout for ufosstart - FSE

@DOZ 4/4
Crowdsourced social media marketing
Got grilled by mcclure and clavier
Pitch needs to improved: easy general use case, traction, profits, scalability, crowdsourcing next level
#a setup for ufostart - LSC

@socialparent 2/4
Facebook for families

@stormboard 2/4
Virtual whiteboard app

@adbidx 3/4
Face detection billboards for prsonalized advertising
Recognises: female, male, glasses, umbrella, hats, smartphones, 4/4 
Crowdsourcing home cooked meals
Airbnb for lunch and dinner
10k invested via

@adstage 3/4
Cross platform advertising tool for google, facebook, bing, linkedin
#a signup for ufostart - L

Crowsourcing Elearning platform
#a intro to GISSV - THE

@zillabyte 2/4
Linkedin for world business information
Pandora to find customers
#a signup for ufostart - L

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