Thursday, March 25, 2010

9 pitches from PACT @plugandplaytc

#namedepot 2/4
SAAS to Detect and protect brand names

#soundOfMotion 2/4
Mobile Apps for sports
Like powermeter with bluetooth heart beat control

#bserious 3/4
Social game company like zynga with a purpose
Play educate and change the world
Looking for 300k

#mvia 2/4
Mobile Money transfer
Mobile wallet

#appAround 1/4
Sync solution between different platforms
Looking for 7m ??
Italien team
The winner of PACT 2010 are: mvia -sms money, volta energy -semiconductor, a-volute - 3d audio technology #startup @plugandplaytc

Crowdsourcing problem solving marketplace

#3d sound company 1/4
Technology for new generation of audio
France team

#mobidigger 2/4
Somain service for mobile phones
German team

#sunplugged 1/4
b2b manufacture
Austrian team

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

19/25 startup pitches on demoday @ycombinator #yc #angel #startup

#Greplin 4/4
full text search for all your personal cloud data
facebook, gmail, facebook, twitter, linkedin, ....
team of 1

#dataMarketplace 4/4
find, buy and sell data on one marketplace
monetization based on data selling on #crowdsourcing
team of 2

#notifo 4/4
mobile notification system, like RSS
consolidates all notifications and pushes to your cellphone
integrate it in your aquarium and get notifications if the
team of 1

#etacts 3/4
individual CRM - like xobni for gmail
who you care, who you should follow-up, remember me, if i dont get an answer notify me
gmail plugin + iphone app
team of 2

#500friends 3/4
social ecommerce, recommendations in social networks
social rewards (get a coupon if you tweet this offer)
#tracking of social actions
team of 2

#infoharmoni 3/4
analytics of twitter data
find your influencers
team of 2
> candidate for applicationstore @zanox
#tracking of social actions

#embedly 3/4
embedly embeds everything
embeds replace links on the web
monetization 50 times better then banner ads (50$ per 1000 views)
team of 2
> candidate for applicationstore @zanox

#nowmov 2/4
new TV/video experience like easy lean-back - like autoplay for youtube
team of 3

#zencoder 2/4
online video encoding SAAS
like youtube for web and mobile devices
team of 3

#LaunchHear 2/4
introduces top bloggers with unreleased products
team of 2

#zenedy 2/4
mass producing of content
monetizing based on google ranking -> like aufemini

#newslabs 1/4
monetization and seo for editors like adnetworks for blogger

#140bBETS 2/4
sms games, sports game bets
#tweetbracket (first game)
40k visitors in 4 days

#fabricly 2/4
online marketplace for clothes manufacturing -> like alibaba

#answerly 2/4
Q&A search
vertical search engine
monetize websearch
team of 2

#crocodoc 2/4
SAAS collaboration platform to edit documents easy - a new adobe
team of 3

#chromaom 2/4, 1mio color paterns, UGC
team of 3

#gamador 2/4
social games
quick to play, skill based, short to play
140.000 daily active user
monetization with virtual goods
team of 2

#seeingInteractive 1/4
save newspapers with whitelabel yelp > dont got it?

6/25 startup pitches on demoday @ycombinator #yc #angel #startup

Mertado, Movity, Newcope, Embedster, Optimizeley, Tweetflow

#embedster 2/4
video monetization (pre-roll ads) for youtube videos
cpm monetization (hard to sell)
team of 2
> candidate for applicationstore @zanox

#newcope 2/4
auction platform for virtual goods for virtual goods (prices going up in realtime)
team of 2 from netherlands

#tweetflow 2/4
custom twitter websites as SAAS model
wholefoods customer example
integrates pictures and videos, seo optimized, statistics, analytics

#optimizezly 1/4
SAAS A/B testing for websites

#mertado 3/4
social commerce, facebook app -> like groupon or letsbuyit
want to become the QVC of facebook

#movity 2/4
relocation service on google maps -> like trulia

Friday, March 19, 2010

Peer financing conference embarkon @ sun campus

#peer financing conference embarkon

#crowdfunding platforms
indiegogo, lendfriend, lendingclub, chiatti, virginmoney, smava, prosper, myc4, yoursports, zopa,  #pfin

Invest in iphone app projects beforedevelopment and get paid later with an upsite

#crowdfunding panel
Chris mccoy ceo - yoursports like sellaband
Rob garcia productstrategy - lending club like prosper (passing banks)
David kuchar founder - lendfriend like virginmoney
Ram lakshamanan founder - chittai like kiva
#a Skillocracy #crowdsourcing
#peer financing embarkons
Trevor cornwell, ceo embarkons (intro by christian rees)

#alternative funding panel

Nathan beckord venturearchetypes
Kayvan baroumand - pnp
Ankit agarwal - micello
Danae ringelmann -Indiegogo crowdfunding of ideas
-2years, 3000 projects, 39 countries,
-presell your product
-turn costs into revenue (like our blue party)
-get money from customer by selling smal peaces of your product
-internship programs (pizza and beer)

#How to raise first 25k
Eric klein - klein venture, chris gill - svase, mark dangeard -
commons, raymond lay - playhaven
Sources: Friends & family (0%), Angels (10%), Ycombinators (10% incl
advise), Customer (0%)

Proof points for investors:
-proof if they get friends and family money
-get cashflow positive from day1
-25k are enough to get it running
-get something smal running right
-could he convince a team from your idea?
-enough shares for the team?
-15-20% for employees pool
-co-founders hard to find you have to know (friends)
-engage your customers from day1 to proof if somebody wants it
-are they able to bootstrap?
> Consolidate crowdfunding platforms

#a check VentureArchetype, Sandhill angels
# check Launchbox take 10% for first 25k, Ycombinator, Techstars
#a check microseed fund dave mc Lure (by chris maresca) Check his slides on slideshare
Cooley, appbackr, ostatic, techzlu, venturebeat, cloudbook, semantic
seed, svase, ssv network

Tuesday, March 9, 2010