Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Summary and notes of #bitcoinconf vegas 2014


#investing with btc derivates
@MattSlater ceo @
Why derivates with bitcoins?
Huge market size
Contract between two people that derives its value.
Risk management 
Price discovery
Elminitating Volatility
Sign of mature asset class

Btc derivatives Platforms:

#security with multisig
@Eric Lombrozo ceo ciphrex

#currency is fraud
@Andrew Filipowsky - ceo silkroad equity
Bitcoin is the biggest opportunity on earth you could imagine.
FED's and central banks are all fraud.
It will be a bloody revolution to replace this banks with bitcoins.

Books to understand currencies:
The web of debt.
The creature of Jeakle

#disruption of industries
@Raphael Paulin Daigle, @rpaulindaigle founder ducatflow
Why Bitcoin?
1) Financial (time, fees, cash you can email, decentral, 546B$ market)
2) Transfer of propety (time, fees, secure)
3) Media (tipping, monetization, money is validation, donating, micropayment, no checkouts)

#bitshares decentral platform 
@DanielLarimer founder
Btc is about transparency of the ledger.
Btc Isn't money
Btc are the pioneers of freedom,
Decentralized mining cant be profitable

btc as Ledger of a virtual company
The rise of proof of stake (voting) within last 12 month.
Btc needs to pivot

Bitshares presents a new currency:
BitUSD pays as variable YIELD
Interest rates
Without of risks like rippl, counterparty or IOU
The goal of decentralization is maximize competition.

#SelfRegulation of btc industry
@MarcBarach, cmo jumio

#Multi-Sig vs Cold storage
@Will O Brien ceo BitGo
2014 is the year of multisig
Only 0,83% of btc is stored yet in multisig.
MS will bring security to the btc industry and should be embraced by all players!
Multi-sig providers may become the new banks.
MS could be organized centralized with trustees like bitgo or decentralized

Multi-Sig = 3 partys are involved, keys start with "3"

#BTC 2.0 decentralization
@J Bradley Hall ceo icon

Decentralized Platforms:
Bitmessage - p2p email

Icon - digital bear bonds:
Rgal assets
Stocks, bonds
Financial contracts

#Casinos on bitcoin
@BryanCooley CEO virtual empire
Bitcoin gambling already saturated and ultra competitive
High cheating

#a checkout betting btc games:
Updown - betting on courses
RPSLS - rock paper sisor
Fishbitfish - Red fish green fish

Day1 --------------------------
#decentralized stock market

#merchants for bitcoin @SteveBeauregard gocoin ceo
Big names are nice for btc but useless for customers.

Real Drivers for using btc:
Privacy needed
Rejected paymend methods
High fees
Cycles of use

#Investing in bitcoin panel
Charles W Allen
Bastian Brand
Justin o Connell
Matthew Roszak
Harry Yeh
Michael Terpin

OTC swaps

#Rise of bitcoin industry
@bobbyclee ceo btc china
Price will not come down to zero
Btc Price impacts: mining, gold price, dollar price, traders
Btc 0,60 compared to gold 1000 or stocks 7500 per head / global
Price end of 2014 still could go to 10k (prediction from last year) but unlikely

Looking ahead:
More merchants
Traditional finance
Consolidation M&A
Technology into unrelated areas
Concerns will be addressed
Secure storage

Bitcoin Foundation:
#a sponsor with globumbus
Vision: everyone to Realize btc potential
Mission: standardize, protect, promote

#Future of Altcoins panel
Kirill Gourov
Steven Michaels
Gabriel Miron
Bryce Weiner
Stanislav Wolf
Peter C Earle

Millions of Altcoins coming
There are no altcoins who could catchup with btc right now, because of missing critical mass of community. Dodge was an exception which is hard to explain.
Miners are the most difficult asset to start a new coin.
Altcoins had an negative impact on bitcoins, because it costs attention.

#oportunity of bitcoin

#Revolution of bitcoin

What is bitcoin? 
-Public ledger!
-Security without locks, policy, trust.

Revolutions are slow and take time.
DNA turns biology into science
Bitcoin is DNA for money!
Goverments will try to regulate bitcoin, but bitcoin will regulate goverments.

#a my todos
Btc derivatives Platforms
Checkout qBitUSD of bitshares
Invest into maidsafe, follow up with bradley
Ask daniel to become an delegate of bitshares and run a miner
Followup with Eddie for peertracks Europe / Germany / Berlin mentors
Signup on btc social network
Buy counterparty xcp - decentral platform btc payment solution like bitpay as subscription no transaction fees multisig api for developers like bitgo
Checkout btc betting games (list above)
SkyHook open ATM project - build annbtc atm for 400$ blockchain for wikileaks @JosephFiscella

Talk to startups from last berlin meetup and intro to platforms like counterparty, ethereum etc. to decentralize and btcfund their projects.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Summary Bitcoin meetup pitches from @coyno @orisi @satoshipay #loftberlin

My notes and votes out of 4 points

@coyno 2/4
Bookkeeping and taxation for businesses accepting bitcoin

@orisi 3/4
Pay btc for a tweet
Multisig wallet via trusted people (oracles)

@satoshipay 3/4
API to accept bitcoin payments
Like Stripe for btc
Business model: transaction fee

#a Btc tools for analysis, bookkeeping, payments:
Bits of proof

#a - releases keys at real events to fire multisigs

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Friday, May 16, 2014

Keynote Unternehmertag 2014 - How to build an UFO?

A Startup Manual for the next Generation of Company Creation!

 - Business Plans
- Demo Days
- Funding

1) Innovate
2) Bootstrap
3) Crowdsource

This makes you:
- Act Smarter
- Move Faster
- Build Stronger

The Next Generation of Companies is based on:
Meaning Social Crowdsourced Open Source Privacy Security Freedom Unregulated Decentralized Distributed Virtual Automated Real Time

P.S. Here you can find all the other interesting keynotes:  Unternehmertag 2014

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Summary Heureka 2014 #hrk14 #daily notes

Heureka 2014


#Berlin TXL the next urban tech republic to build smarter cities

#Katie Rae @ktrae #techstars 2/4
Have a good story, why are you doing this?
Team should sit in the same boat.
Advocates are fundamentaly important.

#Sales Kung Fu - Steli Efti 4/4
Sales is the reality check!!
Sell Benefits not Features! (Personal agenda)
Balance vision and reality (dont oversell)
The "Elephant" is your friend (address issues)
Selling to wrong customer will kill your startup.
Structure sales emails
Send much more emails
Automate emails
Send a "good bye email" after 3 followups
Call everyone within 5 mins after he signed up!
Demo max of 15mins
Always leave your comfort zone to make an impression
Followup as long as you get a clear yes or no
Follow-up = winning!!

#Bitcoin - future of money @brian fabian crain 3/4
DAC's infrastructure and examples:
Stockexchange, Ebay, dropbox (maidsafe), ...

Startup ideas for bitcoins:
Wallets exchanges derivatives remittance atm mining compliance crowdfunding coloredcoins paymentProcessing blockchainAnalysis

#Storytelling @OleTillmann 1/4
"Learn to fall and fall to learn"
How storytelling makes you an expert in your field.

#become a data driven company @Florian Heinemann 
Why is it important to have a data driven company?:
Better decision qulity
High frequency decisions
Decentral decisions
Positive motivation for team
Reducing room politics in companies (kill meeting decisions)

How to achieve?
implement  processes and systems early
Move in phases and build silos to combine later
1) Orga: BI guys in each department, strong backing by management
2) Infrastructure: avoid data silos
3) People: have an BI architect expert
4) Culture: less wrong is the new right, content beats ego (be strict on personel)!

#a todos
newsletter Epicenterbitcoins
Bitcoin Workshop 31.5.2014
Story for ufostart
Data driven 

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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Summary day2 #TexasBitcoinConference #daily notes #lifechanging #bitcoin #startup #pitches

#bitshares @Dan Larimer
protoshares is it's currency
angelShares shares of bitshare based decentralized companies bitshares AGS angel fund discussions about new DAC models, documentation
bitsharesX - banking DAC
The value of an idea is just the usage of an idea - @Edison
music, pictures, movies, (selling shares in the song, art etc.)
#bitsharesMusic decentralize your radio station

#The Psychology of Money and Value @StefanMolyneux
cash (fiat money) is evil
bitcoin is democracy and freedom
fork of mtgox is good because it aprooves the freedom of bitcoin to fail

#Revolution from Below @JefferyTucker
goverments and the dollars are from 1915
bitcoin is designed for the future
history stopped for 100 years
Cash trained us to live like asholes, no interest, no saving, money value is shrinking - bitcoin will change everything.
To accept bitcoin is like to be the first users of electricity.

#Future of Cryptocurrencies - Andreas M. Antonopoulos @aantonop
Before the end of 2014 a 5 year old will launch his own crypto currency.
We will have millions of alt coins for every imaginable topic.
There is no way to predict which coin will have monetary value.
There is no difference between the dog from doge between the queen on the pound.
Value is not created by issuing, it's created over time through adoption and usage.
Crypto currencies and the concept of blockchain will stay for the next 100 years.
Titel's and ownership transfers are one of the most probably use cases for cryptos.
Bankers see bitcoins as a lemonade stand try's to attack walmart. ? No, same reason like you can't take down the internet. 

#investing panel in btc companies
Michael Terpin, Adam Wyatt, Tuur Demeester, David Johnston, Eddy Travia, Matthew Roszak
BitAngels 350 angels, 12M in 12 startups
bitangels fund, investing in DAC's

#Hackathon demo pitches

bounty platform

ripple merchant wallet to accept XRP (ripple)

subscription for donations app
no fees, open source


Tor incentive project

coinvoice - payment processor to pay in dollars and receive btc

Thanks to @ExpertDan
Here are some links about mining:
CoinWarz - This shows a profitability comparison between different coins. It will load with my current hashrate and power use. For reference I can build a 2700kh machine for about $1800.

CleverMining - This is the mining pool I'm currently using. It mines scrypt coins and converts them to BTC. They have a chart for their estimated payout rate.

BitcoinWisdom mining calculator - This is useful to calculate the ROI for BTC mining. The hardware numbers aren't quite right but they can give you a reasonable estimate.

- buy angelshares: send btc as donations from my own wallet (not from or coinbase etc)
- buy ethereum
- start a new or invest into bitangels fund

Thomas Hessler
Dad | CEO | Founder @UFOstart @Globumbus @zanox | Angel Investor 

Reach me:
email, hangout, skype: thomashessler
mobile: +49 173 6111884
US: +1 415 335 9843 

Summary day1 #TexasBitcoinConference texas #daily notes

#Use cases from btc hackathon
Medical records
Multi signature contracts
Decentralized reputation layer

Cointerra 2TH/s $5999 1700 units shipped = 9% hashing power

Charlie Lee - founder litecoin
Charlie Shrem -  btc pioneer arrested, 

#mining  @JoshZerlan
Bitcoin mining = transaction processing
Incentives: block reward (next 20 years), transaction fees (
12 mining pools = 90% hash power
Mining future is not dead its transaction fees

#ethereum @Vitalik Buterin
Use blockchain for more then money?
Legal contracts of crypto currencies.
Put code into the blockchain.

Ether will be the currency
Swiss based, on open transactions
100 people working on it right now
Apps distributet on blockchain and torrent.
Organization: central & decentral

Ethereum use cases:
Decentralize everything like contracts, money, dns, dropbox, banking.
Monthly payments
Contracts like: 2/3 releases 50% 3/3 releases 100%
Premind new currency to incentivice the creator of an idea, file, company or anyting!!!
Ethereum sounds like the next generation of software. 

#capitalism @BennSwann
Bitcoin as perfect example of capitalism
Socialism forcing people becomes fascism
Bitcoin is voluntary thats why its good!

Coinpunk html5 wallet
Bit-card cold wallet reddit + dodgecoin voting 

#Mine for non profit: globumbus
Research mining pools
Buy a miner from
Premind coins to fund the project UFODAC replace stocks

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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Pitches from Bitcoin Hackathon @coinswap @JeffCoin @Supporttr @yeahletsdothat #daily notes

@ever Lego cat waver 2/4
Wallet and notification when bitcoins received in your wallet

@bitstamp 3d order book 1/4

@egg surprise - failed

@Supporttr 3/4
Monthly Donations in btc
Splits your donations into several proj

@yeahletsdothat 3/4
Kickstarter for btc without escrow

@qllect 2/4
Transfer ownership of digital items like keidom

@coinswap 4/4
Semi trusted exchange
"Multi signature wallet" !! Starts with3
2 out of 2 key wallet
Traderoom: 2 out of 3

@ethereum experiment
Create Contracts for money and 
Starting a Ethereum meetup in berlin

@bitcoin vegas
Education and gamification for btc beginner
Guy who works in our coworking space

@JeffCoin voting 3/4
Voting as a currency on top of the blockchain
Inside coloredcoins
P2P voting

Bitcoin jay !!! Guy who knows about wire, decentral wallets etc

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Summary bitcoin startup meetup #5: $10k btc price, DAC's the new cloud companies @betahaus #daily notes

#Price prediction: $10.000 BTC before 11/29/14

#cold a startup incubator in berlin about Cold Storage.Cold wallets: offline, paper wallets

#DACs - Decentralized autonomous corporations.Colored coins, mastercoins, etc
- Get rid of people and implement it to code.
- No central authority 
- Decentralized capacity to think, hold capital and do transactions.
- Have shareholders, pay dividends, hire people engage with public.

#Use cases:
- self stabilizing currency- pay per use - is an easy and automateable use case for- contracts of domains: if free and fee ok, then register and pay.

#Realtime exchange rates for btc Api for developers for 165 currencies !!

#a BXB berlin local btc exchange fair
#a checkout bitcoinbrothers as investment opportunity for btc mining
#a blog podcast slides at:

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Notizen zu "Deutschland Agora - Was wird aus unserem Geld?" #daily notes #investieren #wirtschaft

#KEYNOTE - @Jens Weidmann - Bundesbankpraesident
wirtschaft in deutschland positive aussicht
1,7% wachstumsprognose in 2014
2% Inflationsprognose
Inflationsgefahr: sehr gering
Deflationsgefahr: sehr gering
Prioritaet der Bundesbank: Preisstabilitaet
Polit. Herausforderungen:  1 demografie, 2 internat wettbewerb (schwellen laender), 3 energie
Frankreich: schwache entwicklung, sollte seine wirtschaftl. vorbildfunktion wahrnehmen
Deutschland hat vollbeschaeftigung
#Bitcoin: keine waehrung, nieschenprodukt, bietet chancen als hochspekulatives anlage objekt, vertrauenswuerdige kontrollinstanz notwendig, unsicherer ausgang, 

#PANEL "Was wird aus unserem Geld?"
Eric Schweizer DIHK, Alba (Wirtschaftsinteressen)
Asoka Woehrmann Deutsche Bank, EUR 500Mrd Kundenvermoegen (Anlegerinteressen)

Marcel Fratzscher DIW (Wirtschaftsforschung)
@Schweizer 4 Schwerpunkte
1 Energiewende zu langsam: Energiekosten > Personalkosten
2 Fachkraeftemangel: 6M Fachkraefte werden fehlen, Zuwanderung 
3 Infrastruktur Investitionen: zu gering
4 Bildung
Chancen: digitalisierung der wirtschaft, energie, 

Zinsen: naechsten 3 jahre bleiben zinsen tief
Japan befindet sich seit 270 Monate in tiefzins
USA: mitte des jahres werden zinsen steigen (geldmaerkte antizipieren bereits)
Glaubt an starken Dollar
letzten 3 jahren haben viele investoren chancen verpasst aus angst
sieht dieses jahr verhalten positiv 
bei nullzins politik muss man staerkere risiken eingehen

Wachstum Europa: 1% USA: 2,5%
Kriese nicht vorbei
sieht Deflationsdruck
Staatsschulden sind global viel zu hoch (Inflation ist keine loesung, weil kapital land verlaesst)
zu wenig faehigkeit in europa zu wachstum
auch deutschland hat kaum wachstumspotenzial 
Ursache: zu schwache investitionen
deutsche bankenregulierung muss auf globale herausforderungen angepasst werden  
einmalige chance jetzt zu investieren in: bildung, verkehr infrastruktur, energie

#my take aways
usa 2,5%

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Summary bitcoin startups meetup betahaus berlin #daily notes #ufostart

About 50 attendees

1) 10 bitcoin predictions for 2014:
1 Security - hardware wallets
2 Fiat Bottleneck - easier access to bitcoins via ATM's
3 Mining industry - manufactories getting build for mining
4 Regulatory confusion - every country will try to regulate
5 Payment system - new infrastr like bitpay, coinkite etc
6 Institutional investors - will heavyly invest
7 Anonymity - darkWallet
8 Layer on top - protoshares, colored coins, ethereum, mastercoin
9 developing world - to send and spend money
10 (my view) Bitcoin will become the economical fundament of the internet. Every email, every click, every content and action will have a bitcoin price and becomes chargeable!

Qllect - intro to colored coins
Asset/value store
Platform (tec soft network)

!!! A colored coin represents a stock in a company or a gram of gold
or a US Dollar. Which could avoid the regulation !!!

3) !!!
Depot for bitcoin and a stockexchange

4) Drupal using bitcoin as alternative to bitpay
Easy Payment solution
Without fees

Johann Barbie
Finger protocol
Uses your email address as your bitcoin wallet

6) 37coins .com - A global wallet based on feature phones
Its using bitfinger
Launched 10 days ago

#a myTodos - Blockchain startup for digital goods and art, setup for @paulhessler

Digital media art fair in munich this weekend +Sandra Rauch

Met Micha Hoffmann - +Lars Schulze

Setup bitcoin ATM's in Berlin Munich Hamburg Frankfurt etc @paulhessler +Paul Hessler

Whitelabel rippl for every startup to replace their captable and IPO them from day1 #UFOstart

Bitcoin payment solution for clicks, posts, emails, likes, shares, #UFOstart

Monday, January 6, 2014

My notes about Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies


Platforms to trade, store, secure
Localbitcoins local p2p marketplace daytrading bitcoin platform

Secure ways to store bitcoins  

Shops (accepting bitcoins)



Bitcoin Funds

Education / Basics

Trading Platforms multi currency local p2p bitcoin marketplace daytrading bitcoin platform

Other Coins - digital currencies all digital currencies, prices, volume, marketcap, charts etc.