Thursday, March 6, 2014

Summary day2 #TexasBitcoinConference #daily notes #lifechanging #bitcoin #startup #pitches

#bitshares @Dan Larimer
protoshares is it's currency
angelShares shares of bitshare based decentralized companies bitshares AGS angel fund discussions about new DAC models, documentation
bitsharesX - banking DAC
The value of an idea is just the usage of an idea - @Edison
music, pictures, movies, (selling shares in the song, art etc.)
#bitsharesMusic decentralize your radio station

#The Psychology of Money and Value @StefanMolyneux
cash (fiat money) is evil
bitcoin is democracy and freedom
fork of mtgox is good because it aprooves the freedom of bitcoin to fail

#Revolution from Below @JefferyTucker
goverments and the dollars are from 1915
bitcoin is designed for the future
history stopped for 100 years
Cash trained us to live like asholes, no interest, no saving, money value is shrinking - bitcoin will change everything.
To accept bitcoin is like to be the first users of electricity.

#Future of Cryptocurrencies - Andreas M. Antonopoulos @aantonop
Before the end of 2014 a 5 year old will launch his own crypto currency.
We will have millions of alt coins for every imaginable topic.
There is no way to predict which coin will have monetary value.
There is no difference between the dog from doge between the queen on the pound.
Value is not created by issuing, it's created over time through adoption and usage.
Crypto currencies and the concept of blockchain will stay for the next 100 years.
Titel's and ownership transfers are one of the most probably use cases for cryptos.
Bankers see bitcoins as a lemonade stand try's to attack walmart. ? No, same reason like you can't take down the internet. 

#investing panel in btc companies
Michael Terpin, Adam Wyatt, Tuur Demeester, David Johnston, Eddy Travia, Matthew Roszak
BitAngels 350 angels, 12M in 12 startups
bitangels fund, investing in DAC's

#Hackathon demo pitches

bounty platform

ripple merchant wallet to accept XRP (ripple)

subscription for donations app
no fees, open source


Tor incentive project

coinvoice - payment processor to pay in dollars and receive btc

Thanks to @ExpertDan
Here are some links about mining:
CoinWarz - This shows a profitability comparison between different coins. It will load with my current hashrate and power use. For reference I can build a 2700kh machine for about $1800.

CleverMining - This is the mining pool I'm currently using. It mines scrypt coins and converts them to BTC. They have a chart for their estimated payout rate.

BitcoinWisdom mining calculator - This is useful to calculate the ROI for BTC mining. The hardware numbers aren't quite right but they can give you a reasonable estimate.

- buy angelshares: send btc as donations from my own wallet (not from or coinbase etc)
- buy ethereum
- start a new or invest into bitangels fund

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