Tuesday, June 8, 2010

15 Pitches at Launch Silicon Valley with my votes #svase #svlaunch

Here are my personal votes out of 4 points:
If somebody is interested to invest, I will probably follow votes >3

#zikon 4/4
#a meet Remy Cromer to followup
eInc for flat panels, upgrades via rfid
Invest 1m to make it a product
>Basic Infrastructure for the next blue ocean device "internet of things"

#laster 2/4
Zile Liu
Virtual reality solution with glasses
>Future technology, no product yet

#Taggstr 3/4
Alamgir Mand
New Checkin service with tagging
Crowdsourcing solution for tagging
#a intro to footfeed
>Better forsquare, difficult to grow faster

#micello 2/4 (winner of crowd votes)
Ankit agarwal
#a get the app and intro api to footfeed
Google maps inside of buildings
>Potential POS adnetwork, missing crowdsourcing to get more maps build

#jmango 1/4
Ilan oosting
Software development platform for mobile apps
Makes it easy to support all different operating systems
>Busy market and difficult to sell to a smal target group

#vizibility. 4/4
James Alexander
Google Searchme button for your blog, facebook etc which generates
best search results of you
>Simple great idea, potential like sharethis,

#truedomain 1/4 (winner of crowd votes)
Robert pickup
Email anti pishing system
>Email is dead

#socialamp 3/4
Matt sunbulli
Social commerce tools: mini facebook tools for retailers
>Hard to sell and integrate into retailers website > good candidate for zanox appstore

#scanavert 4/4
Ellen badinelli
Mobile app for Food alergic tagging system via barcode
Diet, gluten free, organic, etc
>High potential for pos advertising network, daily usage, alternative affiliate offers

#lingto 2/4
facebook app: Coolcrap
Video conference / collaboration platform
>Another video conference

#tenCube 3/4 (winner of crowd votes)
Darius Cheung
Wavesecure - security solution if you lose your cellphone
>Peace of technology which needs every phone -nobrainer, why do they need money?

#jungle cents 2/4
Sameer Mehta
ReInverting pay per lead advertising, give the commision direct to customers
>Groupon adaption

#evolver 3/4
Brian nilles
3d avatar creation: (2d example
>Infrastructure for the new world, ready market?

#bccthis 1/4
Email extention wich allows you to send comments to bcc in the same email
>email is dead and bcc is bad for sharing

#appbackr 4/4
Crowdfunding for app developer
Trevor cornwell
>Crowdsourcing for a smal niche


Thursday, June 3, 2010

#sdforum @DLApiper

#ArgusInsights 1/4
Consulting company to help to innovate
>No way

#realLifePlus 4/4
mobile social games
Facebook games for adults, with sub
Invest 1.5m series A
>No brainer

#adeptol 2/4
Streaming solution for in Cloud stored data
Invest 3m series A
>Greate infrastructure

#insight 2/4
Smartphone Coupon solution
>Old world problem, old world software solution, hard to sell

#watersmart 2/4
Software to save water
>Right trend, hard to make money

#marseille networks 1/4

#sytosoft 2/4
Virtual world platform
Invest 750k
>Boring slide = boring platform? Don't get the business model. 2/4
Platform to find a performance based lawyer
Invest 2m
>Great idea, missing social integration and global scalability

#clientshow 1/4
collaboration platform for creative agencies
>Very competitive. Smal market with agencies

#askyourtargetmarket 2/4
On demand market research platform by surveys
Self service saas like surfeymonkey, facebook, linkedin
Invest 3.5
>Surveys don't work

#veritrix 2/4
Security Capture identification
Capture speech and video after an sms
Invest 3m
>To complicated and hard to do mobile on street

#Oolinum 3/4
#a follow-up with Akash L Pai, CEO
Social media advertising platform
Invest seed 1.5m
>Great idea, how does it work?