Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Best Practice in Mobile Crowdsourcing

Best Practice in Mobile Crowdsourcing   
crowdsourcing 4 apps  

thanks to martin geipel

Sunday, November 21, 2010

startup weekend 20 pitches @inTourage @muffinbuster @p0werpack #daily notes

100 people, 60 ideas, 20 realized projects.
what an awesome concept and so much energy and creativity in one weekend.
Here are the finalists and my votes out of 4 points, > 2 I would
probably invest: 1/4
crowdsource game
@manBadges 2/4
sticker collector iphone app
@chefit 1/4
dating portal for restaurants and chefs
@getToClose 1/4
sell more with analyzing the personality of your target
@whoImetLastNight 2/4
iphone app to tag contacts with events
@inTourage 3/4
if all go, I will go too
groupon for private event organization, like friendfund + plancast
@caroob 2/4
video interview library
the logo gets a 4/4 ;)
@wham 1/4
women health and mobile
sms social network to organize help in 3rd world
@crowdmarket 2/4
sms based marketplace for underdeveloped countries
@theCollegeGap 2/4
microdonations for students
@medWriterMobile 1/4
mobile notebook for doctors in hospitals
- whats news?
@mugify ? 2/4
community for home cooking
- how can I buy it?
@eventus 1/4
another plancast
@shopicient 2/4
keep an eye on what you buy
uses your confirmation emails
@justOneThing 1/4
simple task list for iphone
@p0werpack 3/4
better hiring in groups
work with your friends to get a better deal.
#disruptive #globumbus
#a sign in up founders
@funcompass 1/4
travel guide
@muffinbuster 3/4
exercise you need to do per food
ask yourself: is it worth it to eat?
#a tell them about withings and fitbit + google health
@fundraiser7 1/4
ticketing event fundraising solution
@adsuggestions 2/4
keyword generation tool for adsense and bing
@martiniyellow 2/4
cab sharing service

#tools they used presentation tool
piryx fundraising solution
rememberTheMilk - tasklist

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Incubate 2.0 summary #daily notes #globumbus

#HP launches his startup incubator "startup central"

#panel - global entrepreneur networks
@youNoodle - marketplace to discuss new ideas and predict the
potential success @rebecaHwang
@cofounderNetwork global incubator @fadiBishara
@founderSpace - advise for founders @steveHoffman
@entrepreneurCommons miami chapter - advise
@globalTechBridge - support founders in latin america
Discussing about, why they care about entrepreneurs.
Recommendations to entrepreneurs:
- learn from the best
- open up, let other people help you
- never give up
- network to do the right things

#panel - entrepreneur programs
@udemy @gaganBiyani
@startupweekend @kevinBraithwait
@urbanRoots @bokuKodama
@sparkseed @mikeDelPonte
@syracuseUniversity @shayColson
Go to the gym early in the morning to network with the decision maker.
#social media change
@igniter michael Lewkowitz founder epic institute
Nobody is doing well on paychecks
What type of platforms help us to transform the way we innovate? -
let's get naked

#panel - new knowledge, new media
Basecamp, plancast,
linkedin, fb, twitter,

#panel - new funding (robert scoble)
@indiegogo (non profit)
@jennyKassan - top legal expert on crowdfunding
Cost are dropping, angel incubators are growing.
Are we in a angel bubble?
Angelsoft 0 gets used in 60 countries
Indiegogo 139 countries

#panel - new incubators
@IOventures incubator mission disctrict @paulBraigiel
@parisoma coworking space sonoma @clementAlteresco
@quickstart global incubator for globalization in 30 countries @kaushalChokshi

#panel - new models to support entrepreneurs

- autor of "small giants" companies chosen to be great insted of big. - community
#Mojo quality criterias:
Now what you want
Deep routes into your community
Personal connections to your customers
Employees come before customers
Solid business model with strong margin
Owners are passioned about their business


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Angelpad demoday 8 pitches #daily notes

Congratulations to Thomas Korte for the first demoday of angelpad.
Nice pitches and interesting companies.

Here are my votes: 3/4
Aggregates the most important parts of an website to rdeuce, like a
pagerank within a page
#crowdsourcing love it

@hugenergy 2/4
Web app to Track, cut and share your energy usage
#iot Serious problem, maybe hard to monetize

@adku 3/4
Behavior targeting with real time data analytics to optimize adds
#another promize. Need to see results

@eggcartell 3/4
Social mobile commerce platform (craigslist + ebay + yahoo groups) by
just taking pictures with your mobile phone. Leverage your social
graph to sell something
Mobile payment, geo support,
- 1000 users after 9 weeks

@alltrails 2/4
Recommendation platform for outdoor activities

@curated 3/4
Collect and organize real-time news into topics
#globumbus tracking ?

@rollCall 2/4
Mobile app to organize casuall get togethers
Signup for beta at

@Mopub 3/4
Mobile ad server, helping app developers to monetize their apps
- not fundraising yet


Crowdsourcing Landscape from @crowdsourcingresults

Here is another crowdsourcing landscape:

Monday, November 8, 2010

SecondMarket presentation at startup2startup event #daily notes

SecondMarket is a marketplace, where you can buy and sell shares and
options without going public.

Competitors: Satx, nasdaq portal, sharespost

Why is it great?
-attract employees (they can sell equity/sop earlier)
-Raises capital
-Option not to go public
-Good alternative to get lequidity
-Stay private longer
-Control your destiny (its not private or public)

Model is regulated by SEC
-Only accredited investors are allowed to buy on secondmarket.
-They are not allowed to advertise prices etc
-more then 500 shareholders = public listed
-you can control, who and when buys your stocks
-you choose, who sees your sensitive information
-system is designed for all sizes

- they sign up with the company and work with them

400mio trade volume since 2008
Transaction fee 2-4%

Going public should not like turning on a switch
It should be a slow process

Existing stock market is broken:
You need 10 years to get your money back
No exits, no angels, no innovations
Time to go public from 6 to 9 years
Holding from 5 years 1970 to less then 1 year 2010
No one is pushing smal companies
Public markets are broken

Asset classes @ secondMarket
-Restricted securities
-auction rate securities
-bankruptcy claims
-lp interests
-company stock

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Thanks for advise on school #cms #lms @TheDrupalist @chill_creations @CanYouRecommend @joomlablogger

Our High School wants to relaunch theire website into a community solution.
I would recommend an open source solution to be more independend and flexible. So I did a litle research and asked the community via twitter about an recommendation and luckily got some interesting feedback:

Here is a discussion from another school:

So after reading this, I am even more convinced to setup an framework of open source applications as a combination of CMS + LMS + Intranet = High School Platform

LMS - Learning Management Systems
Blackboard, Cornerstone, SumTotal and Element K.

Intranet - Community Management Systems

CMS - Content Management System
DotNetNuke, Umbraco, dotcms