Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Summary: Chris Dixon - Good ideas that look like bad ideas #foundershowcase @cdixon

Chris Dixon @cdixon

Good ideas that look like badbideas 
like google, airbnb, ebay
Crowded, non monetizable, 
= Left-over business

You only can do it, if you know a secret.

Working 1000 hours on a thing and find the secret.
Know tools better than anyone else, Like: dropbox, 
Know the problems better than anyone else: Kickstarter (worked on it 10 years)
Draw from your unique life experience: Sideadvisor, pinterest

Powerfull people dismiss them as toys:
-Telephone, skype, 
They unbundle functions done by others:
-Newspapers by twitter, craigslist,..
-Universities by Udacity
Did it originate as ahobby?
Is it creepy in a way?
-Airbnb, flickr, ebay, facebook

How I got this secret: trial and error

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