Thursday, March 5, 2015

Summary and notes of 3d printing conference berlin 2015 #i3dpconf #daily notes

#keynote2 - 3DP reinvents toys and everything @MarkTrageser
FounderKram-Co Inc

Apps and toys to play 3D:
Robot nation
Hero forge
The 3d printing factory
Hasbro & shapeways my little pony

Growing mtoy arkets:
Drones, robots, 3dprint
Dices on shapeways
Electric paper plane = 3dp+ + amazon

Prototypes: with 3d print you can make any prototype any time again and again
Quality Speed 500%
Make ANYTHING you can dream of!!

No tooling, no shipping, warehousing, lead time
No choices make them all,
No retailer, sales, no trend changes

Customize everything
Re-imagine any existing thing!

Dont ask what is 3dp is for, just tell me what you want and I will make it.

"Local motors" first tech startup printed a car with 3dp
Best time to be an inventor from 0-90
Everyone is qualified for this

#Keynote1 - additive manufacturing @FranzJosefVillmer
Professor of Product Development

3rd industrial revolution:
Longtail of manufacturing
Democratization of production

Advantages of additive manufacturing:
Combination of different technologies
Sustainability: reduction on energy, Using green energy
Shipment of data not goods

Free 3D CAD systems:
Art of illusion
Google sketchup
Lego digital designer

Hybrid machines: Dmg, hermle

AM is a game changer but not the replacement of traditional manufacturing today!

#Screen printing 3d - going to mass production of metal parts
@OlafAndersen Frauenhofer

#How to select the right apps in 3DP
@JurgenLaudus @Materialise
#Rapid Tooling with additive manufacturing
@ThomasLueck cirp gmbh

#examing the myth of 3dp
@OlafDiegel Lund University

>Complexity of a part decides if it should be 3dp
>Customization is the main driver for 3dp 

some Examples
Clip on wheels
Rifle suppressor
E-nable hand

3dp will not replace conventional- it is complementary to /manufacturing
Yes, every home will have a 3dp for hobbys
Will never be used for home manufacturing

#added design value @LionelDean FutureFactories
Art which can only be made by 3dp

#open source in 3d printing @AlexanderHafner Makerbot
Everyone can access local production via 3dp
Like airbnb for printers
12k printers in network

#my todos
1 setup micromanufactory with

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