Friday, October 1, 2010

Tahoetechtalk summary from @garyvee @sacca @BenKaufman @DaveMorin @TravisKalanick @KevinRose @davemcclure @Alexia #daily notes

This was the best conference I ever attend.
Tahoetechtalk 2010 will change my life forever and I really thank all the speakers for their open and honest sharing spirit.
To you, who is reading my blog, this notes I made from the speeches of the new generation of next world leaders. This guys are doing awesome
things today within a totally new spirit - open, honest, responsible and caring about how to change the world. They are entrepreneurs who want you help to also become an entrepreneur. Just because it is the
ultimate way to have an impact and satisfy yourself - which I totally agree with.
Here are my notes:

@garyvee GaryVaynerchuk
We will have a personal relationship to our customers.
Build Human focused businesses!
Start today to care about your customers

@Alexia Tsotsis
What makes a story?
Competitive or political drama like:
" x releases product y to kill company z"
..Trend x will change the world because of...
..Measurable success
..We fail because
Manage relationships to blogger
Send tips in
Don't try desperately but still try

Why you shouldn't start a startup:
#1 Go for things who pissing you off forever, nothing else
#2 entrepreneurship is pain and sacrafice
#3 have products and customers, fuck 25 pages business planes
#4 ideas suck, have an product
#5 Find a real problem then a solution
#6 you are not a leader
#7 your pitch sucks and you won't get money
#8 team sucks (no idea how to hire, tech design, social, search,
mobile, sales skills)
#9 whiners will make you crazy
#10 you can't sell or market, which is key
#11 you rather change your TV channel then change the world

Angel Investor in twitter forsquare, Founder digg
#1 Go build it (take the risk and make it)
#2 Release (for real feedback)
#3 Hire your Boss (make sure they build your vision)
#4 Raise Money
#5 Go cheap
#6 connect with your audience (
#7 Hack the press (youngest editor)
#8 Advisor (get many and give shares)
#9 leverage your userbase
#10 analyze your traffic

Angel Investor
I can't just invest, I need to be involved.
Blippy, crowdflower, ubercab...

Angel Investing (slow + premium + private)
Authenticity for company
Simplicity in products
Quality on design
Organic growth for loyalty
Trust via authentic open honest
Network products - platforms
Long term thinking = responsibly
Focus on customer prosperity
Scarcity of data +Openness. + Marginal Utility + Commodity + Business
model + Advertising + Low quality = 0 value
If Value Add, charge for it!
Digital goods are Premium Expression like cloth
Premium is worth a lot of money
Network growth is time of clubs in clubs
Privacy enables creativity, sharing and trust
Customers are better then users

Crowd Design and manufacture
One new product a week #Crowdsourcing
Crowd solution for everything
-never worked out because just theory
#Mophie his first product
Use trade shows for Crowdsourcing
#Lessons learned:
Honesty and transparency
Best filter in the world is money
share open
Tell, show, involve me

Lowercase capital
41 portfolio companies after 3 years
Lessons learned:
Start now
Go big
70core 20new 10crazy
Ignore paradigms
Focus on users and real problems
Users first
Worship data
Bold humility
Be open
Feed talent (food, services etc)
Listen more than you talk
Mix real and virtual
#infographics search engine
#a connect Tal Siach

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