Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Virtual Goods Summit summary 2/2 #facebook credits #social games #vgsummit #vgs #daily notes

#panel - virtual goods and brands
@joeEibert universal
@davidLevy socialVibe
@brianCho booyah
@mannyAnekal zynga
Social games like zynga beat every TV show today in DAU

#facebook credits @DeborahLiu PM
Vision: to build a virtual currency
200 games from 75 developers (22 of 25 top games) using credits, paying 30% fee.
#Starting today: Opening now to many more developers
Apply at
20 new payment methodes announced with playspan.
#Examples of games:
5 games on facebook (credits is exclusive)
#digital chocolate
6games, 15m MAU 2,5 DAUs
Millionair city

#asia social game market @benjaminjoffe - new social game comp in japan
Rekoo, rakoo, elex chinese comps in japan
Biggest opportunity: mobile social games
Expanding globally
Mobile social games will replace all games incl offline
First farm game came from china
Development of games in china is big

#Next generation social game:
Paradise paintball

#social games leaders
@zynga @markSlaggs 220m users
@crowdstar @nirenHiro 58m users
@playdom (disney now) @christaQuarles 41m users
Next generation of games comes from china and korea and on mobile.

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