Friday, October 8, 2010

1/2 Design Happiness summary @pulse @lmspool #warmgun #blind #mobile #agil #UX #daily notes

1/2 Design Happiness conference

The Mission Bay Conference Center, SF, CA

@pulse design process
Ipad news reader
Launchpad in stanford
Addresses Information overload
#Rapidly product design cycle
-Every two weeks a new update
-Major design changes
-experimenting (keep taking risks)
-one page quick tutorial
#darren burton Blind designer
Alt tags on images should describe the image for blinds
Use page headers

Design for buyers or sellers? Marketplace conflict
Design for buyers but keep sellers in mind.
Listen what they want and give what they need.
Design for the people with money.

@lmspool Jared Spool - designer
#apple 75% marketshare in mp3 players - why?
-desing matters more then features
-stores to ask questions to people
-build strong brand with marketing
Apples retail stores sell twice as much per square feet compare to tiffanys.
#Succesful experience design is invisible like aircondition
#what you need for experience design?
Copy writing, process management, editing/curation, visual desig,
information design, usability, information architecture, business,
analytics, ethnic, marketing, technology, ROI, social, use cases,
agil, critiquing, presenting, facilitating, sketching,
#succesful experience design is multi disciplin
#good strategy
-vision (everyone is in)
-feedback (best weekly)
-culture (reward major design mistakes to learn)
#risk-averse companies produce crap!
#compare Apple. / microsoft -design is like sixflags / disneyland is
like activity / experience focus.

#panel engeneers and designer in harmony
@IreneAu google user experience
@KateAronowitz facebook design director
@JasonPutorti mint founder
@JeffVeen typekit ceo (moderator)
#Is design a key differentiator for startups?
UX (user experience) is the whole thing!
Technology becomes commodity so design is the differentiator.
UX team at google: 200 facebook: 50
Flowtown every friday we watch an UX video from over lunch
Designers need to understand product strategy, not just type and color.
Look at your competitors feedback forums to understand your customers
Facebook design is documented in code, gr8 for coders
Work in smal teams helps to focus
Done is better than pefect
Listen and understand your users, then ignore them and follow your vision!
Mobile first, second web! (Quote from facebook)

#Openess is mandatory for good design, but be aware. that most of your
customers are less open than you are. That leads to mistakes if you
are not careful.
#Product design needs to be high quality to make profits

#a my todos - collaborative notes tool
Like for coding or google wave
#Globumbus garage
Moving white boards

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