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Virtual Goods Summit summary @imvu @habbo #gamification #vgsummit #daily notes

#Myths from social gaming
Controverse discussion about this questions:
Good game on fb is also a good iphone game?
Fb credits will increase paiing users?
Still possible as an new developer to launch game on fb?
Google games will be a strong competitor for FB?

275m people are playing games on FB every week, its the biggest game
platform ever created.
The 1st generation of social games is over, now fb credits and new
rules require higher quality.
If shakespeare was alive today, he'd say the world is a game.
A mobile gaming platform will likely a bigger challenger to FB than google.

@imvu - Boosting conversion to paid @mleeclancyjr PM
Imvu virtual avatar game
Imvu sells crowdsourc virtual items 200k 15year old girls
#1Go shopping for free (3000 credits) 20% increase
#2 offer you can't refuse
#3 All ways to pay
#4 New ways to pay 15% increase
#5 cool ways to pay (3d prepaid card)
#6 keep inventory fresh (5k new items every day) longtail
#7 give free stuff in addition to paid stuff 10-20%
#8 make spending cool
#9 let them be creative 1/3 of revenue comes from ugc
#10 turn users into sellers
#11 give them new ways to spend
#12 speak their language
Virtual currency for creators
You can cash out on secondary market

#game based marketing (book) @gzicherm autor 12.11. Workshop gamification
Popular social games: Diner dash, farmville, foresquare,
#What are fun game mechanics?
Eat your vegetable and THEN you get desert.
Deserts in 200s: are virtual rewards
Satus is the most important reward
#We buy shit in real world to show our status
Since facebook Loyalty becomes a public topic.
#Cycle of gamification
Challenges, win conditions, leaderboards, badges, social networking, status
#gamer types: Achiever, socializer, explorer, killer
80% are socializer
#The game always favors its creator
Fun is the future!
Badges matter: like the letter on a mercedes
design matters:
Level up: Green, gold, platinum, black

#panel - Measuring health of virtual communities

@playspan @MarkRose PM - On demand monetization
(Sponsored session)
1800 need a river
1900 need a generator
1910 need utility
Today you need social
Facebook is social as a service
#Monetization as a service
Playspan 3-5% transaction fee
Let's user pay in the game not on external sites

@habbo @teemuSheppard VP BD - What to sell what not
Habbo is a teenager virtual space to play or hang out
In business for 10 years
185million players
50m eur in 2009, 40m first 6 month in 2010
150 payment channels in 32 countries with 70 billing partners
#Zynga is the best company in dealing with data for user experience
90% monetization comes from micropayments
#Dual currency
Paid currency - credits
Earned currency - pixel
Buy, trade, earn.
#secondary market (10 times as big as primary)
Marketplace to trade any item
Trading is a big business
#key success factors for habbo
-Differentiate target group
-Focus in community monetization an virt goods
-Community management and safety (200 moderators)
-Fast upgrades based on analytic data (weekly)

@andrewSheppard chief PM kabam
Design principles
1. function
2. form (follows function)
3. Let players and non-players alike participate

#Game mechanics in social gaming
Player vs player (wow)
Player vs self
Vs kierkegaard (farmville)
With friends (frontierville)
Versus friends (bejeweled blitz)

#social gaming =player with friends
In mafia wars: Energy refills are perfect monetization
-school house is a big want
Needs many things to build you can buy or get from friends

#a todos
Trip hawkins 100billion usd market size
Gamification book iphone game to get things done facebook games 50mio player

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