Thursday, October 7, 2010

Svase event 'What's going on in venture capital' #daily notes

Svase Panel with:

Charles river ventures
1-2 investments per year
1-2 calls a week with ceo
No board seats
Looks for 500m deals

Garage technology ventures
Partner from guy kawasaki, Seed fund
Stays away from gaming, social, music - everything wich depends on the
magical likenes of consumers
Takes board seats and active role in the company
Looks for 500m deals

K9 venture
4-6 investments per year
Takes board seats
Don't does social
Is fine with 25m deal

@TravisKalanick angel investor
Jam pads in his house with entrepreneurs
25-300k investments
12 investments
Works active in 3 companies as cxo
There are no super angels, this guys who invest opm are VCs or micro
VCs. Angel invest their own money.
There is nothing bad about an 25m exit, if you have invested 500k
Discussion about convertible notes and equity is controverse:
-some like, some dislike CNs
-CNs are easier/cleaner for VCs in next round
-CNs with cap and interests
-CNs are cheaper
Is there a differenc between money and smart money? No, its bullshit,
money is always green. If VCs start pitching added value, its a signal
for a bubble.

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