Monday, October 4, 2010

Crowdconf 2010 summary #crowdsourcing #TopHatangel #daily notes

Companies presenting on the floor:
@mygengo human translation api
@hipchat - intranet chat rooms
Crowdsourcing for projects 10k +
#finanace raising money

Cloud based wifi network

Open source software, saas, api for
Data agregation and analyzis based on the crowd
Business model comes
Like Yahoo pipes
#a finanace: looking for 500k seed funding

Julie Ruvolvo coo
2 years in business
Crowdsourcing for high level
Average 10hs per task
3 cofounders
Seed funding from dfj
A-round VCs
#finance Now raising 5m B-round to get break even


@panel -The softer skills of human intelligence
Labor law for crowdsourcing is untouched

#panel big ideas and great successes
-its the beginning of the revolution of work
@odesk @GarySwart
@utest @DoronReuveni
@elance @FabioRosati
@mavenResearch @WyattNordstrom
@Keniks @PatrickMcKenna

@turksurveyor - opensource survey based on ruby on rail

@kapcha-fade-in method to increase quality of surveys
(Slow down, fading in words)

@Hagglebot - experiment to get right price by asking for
counteroffers. @JohnHorton harvard

@clickworker @wolfgangKitza
50 languages supported by his platform
Be much faster with crowdsourcing then traditional

#panel power of crowdsourcing
@DanScholnick trinity ventures
@amazon mturk @wili SharonChiarella
@microtask @VilleMiettinen
@Samaource @leile_c leilaChirayathJanah
.. barney pell, martijn lampert,
-Oursourcing is an 500bn dollar business
-crowdsourcing is amplified outsourcing @barneyp
-big customers don't want to buy crowdsourcing, they just want to get
things done with good roi and quality
Red ballons - crowdsourcing example

@crowdflower @Clickworker @utest @500startups @99design @elans
@liveops @meraki @microtask @odesk @anybots @bessemerVentures
@chaordix @trinity @crowdsortium @castingwords

crowdsourcing landmark:


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