Friday, October 8, 2010

2/2 Design Happiness summary @twitter @zynga @groupon @myspace #daily notes

** Designer track **

@TomChi yahoo - designing for search
Design your website: Fast relevant comprehensive fresh
#5-8 words do people read in 10 seconds they spent on your website.
Make sure they find their keywords.

@Leland Rechis twitter mobile - designing for mobile
60 twitter traffic outside US
46% mobile usage of twitterp
Simplicity, Ubiquity, speed
Sms is not dead (universal UI, everyone, notifications)
#To ask for the phone number increased conversion for sms twitter.
#No penalty to click on something
Twitter don't follows the strategy to become my remote control :-(

@macadaan MikeMacadaan myspace - Designing for Real-Time
Use dashboards with Analytic data
New logo my____

@Aaker Jennifer stanford - Design for Happiness
#We don't know
-what is happines
-how to become happy
To find it out Ask what people love and not what makes them happy.f0dSAaa
Grab data
#Money dosnt make happy! (Proof by numbers, even if you get richer,
you don't get happier)

** Developer track **
New experience = instinct + heuristic + data
Speed is everything

@lukew slideshre - design for performance
Make people successful in the first 5 seconds

@DarrellBenatar - designing for user aquisition
#sign-up forms must die
#40% conversion drof off when you ask for a photo during register process.
@posterous is a good example to kill a signup form

@darienBrown - designing with data
#In cyberspace no one can hear your customer scream
#run usebility tests on your competitors website
#removal of the registration button led to 300m increase

@mark_Skaggs zynga - Designing for engagement
Engagement = fun = feelings
Feelings drive engagement
Live in the world of your game
How to create feelings?
- design patterns and activities
-presented in an entertaining way
-players feel their time is well spent
#right feel needs internal marketing
Appointment + anticipation
#game mechanics

@to_morrow groupon
Small, simple and plentifull
Don't love the solution, love the problem and make a love child.
Acting rash will cost you cash.
Let dummies inform your decisions.
You won't understand until the test is done.

#UX is everything
#how would it work if it were magic?
#How would it work if it were human?
#great design does not make users think
#great designs talk benefits not features
#brand is how your customer feels about you
#10things non-designer should know

the team out of the office
#best marketing is a well designed application
#features should pay rent to be on a page!!

#a my todos
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