Thursday, September 30, 2010

20 pitches at Expo plugandplaytechcenter

The winner from the VC jury:
iSocket, rSeven and !nflectSOL

@picbounce 2/4
Iphone app Social photo sharing
@mingleverse 2/4
Social telepresence (3d virtual meeting rooms)
Facebook + twitter + skype + ...
Helps with sms and calls during driving
@inflectsol 1/4
Green manufaturing for LED lights
Still in research status
@ddc 1/4
Data management saas
@passmark 1/4
Software development company
@yapper 2/4
Mobile app generation platform
@getquik 2/4
Restaurant order for deliveries
@peelindustries 1/4
Avatar to dress yourself
@eugrid 2/4
Cloud storage and virtual workspace
@violin 1/4
Cloud computing
@rseven 2/4
Recording of all your phone calls and connect with crm
@mobibucks 2/4
Mobile payment solution
@tapplocal 2/4
Mobile advertising network
@icoupon 2/4
Social geo Coupon platform
@gantto 1/4
Project management saas
@appbackr 2/4
#crowdfunding to develop iphone apps
@friendcaller 2/4
VOI like skype
@twocents 2/4
Conversation platform like twitter
@gotocamera 3/4
Security network via webcams #crowdsourcing

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