Tuesday, September 28, 2010

2/3 Techcrunch #disrupt summary day 2 #daily notes #TopHatAngel

#startup pitches 1/4
Social complain system
-to much bad energy, don't like it

@sumazi 2/4
Iphone app to introduce people

@pinger 2/4
Text free for incentivised offers

@tello 2/4
Iphone app to rate customer service

@conyac 3/4
48 language translation via Crowdsourcing
Screening by the crowd
20% transaction fee based on 3cent per letter
6 languages on ui
Team: japan, two founder cto, ceo
Finance: 500k lookibg for

Bet on everything

Facebook storefront saas with a

@bubbalon 2/4
Like measure network

@digitalluxury 2/4
Brandsforfriends for latin america

@praized 3/4
Lead generation from social media
Finance: Raised 2m
Paul dawalibi

Cross platform Task list
Business: fremium

@iCoolhunt 3/4
checkin game to discover cool things 2/4
Life log, checkin service

@instamobil 2/4
Mobil storefront saas for ecommerce sites

@marketfish 1/4
List marketing email and postal lists

@Immou 2/4
Helping each other platform

Your neighborhood social network

Stop checking emails

Announces his V2 and translation via crowdsourcing into 100 languages

Prepayment credit card for my kids

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