Monday, September 27, 2010

1/3 Techcrunch #disrupt summary day 1 #Daily notes #TopHatAngel

#Startup pitches
With my votes out of 4 points. (Investment potential)

Very fast P2P lending
#crowdsourcing #crowdfunding
Tom Contreras
#a follow-up with
Like #Thinkfinance ?

@kwaga 3/4
Crm for gmail with recommendations
Comes with an iphone app in 4 weeks

Second market for groupon coupons

@postling 3/4
Sme social media cm
Team: etsy
Finance: raising 500k with dave mcclure
-no brainer

@snapdragon 2/4
Product checkin game
Coupon checkin system

@onetruefan 2/4
Game to compete with friends who share the same content
#globumbus tracking solution?

@checkpoints 2/4
Mobile app for checkin points in retail stores
High effort to sell

@gifi 4/4
Next generation app, based on foursquare
Give virtual gifts with real money at real locations
2500usd friend on facebook
Team: Venmo

@badgeville 3/4
Whitelabel social Loyalty system for any website
Become a mayor of any website or earn points for comments on any website
Social, gaming, checkin, engaging : all in
#globumbus tracking solution?

@Gunzoo 2/4
Video streaming wall to browse and watch many videos at the same time

@Storify 3/4
Converts tweets into stories
Invite code: tcdisrupt

@Qwiki 2/4
New way of news consumption like nabaztag

@mygengo 3/4
Translation #crowdsourcing in 12 languages
With an api, localization app or ui translation
5-15 cent per word

@efactors 2/4
Entrepreneurs / investors network from russia
#a check platform

#craigslist killer
#a send him an email

@warrantylife 3/4
Warranty for products for lifetime
Take a picture of all your receipts and send them over

@upgo 2/4
groups for facebook

@social27 2/4
Virtual events and social crm
-only an directory, no matching or new interection

Mobile app creator like homepage baukasten
For bloggers and editors

@rseven 1/4
Record all your voice calls and provides you an log

@mymonolog 2/4
Transcription doctors, lawyers,
Smal market

@Mentormob 3/4
Crowdsourcing for education
Kris chinosornvatana
Business model: advertising

@datasift 3/4
PTwitter data analysis and alerts

Improve the learning experience
tablet for students
Integrates students books and notes/drawings

#Hot topics
Facebook and zynga

No fake
Smaler exits
Super angels are small VCs - that's it
-Is it ok to take cash early from table as an invstor?
Dave mcclure: yes together with founders
VCs: no

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