Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Summary of Pitches at #FounderShowcase #daily notes

My #notes and votes out of 4 points. > 2 means I am interested to invest with @UFOstart

@seatAssignMate 1/4
Social seating in airplanes based on your social profile
#critical mass
500k raising

@HackerHires 2/4
Find right developer by challenging them
Recruting solution codeacademy
250k raising

@spikes 2/4
Secure browsing
Cloud browser
#browser war is taff, enterprise business

@igenApps 1/4
Mobile app creating wizard
#not an app, just a mobile website

@onContracting  2/4
Discover contract jobs
#like elance for domestic jobs
Raising 250k

Writers / publishing marketplace 
Helps writers to publish books
400k raising
#old world solution, missing online marketing for digital content 

@sortbox 2/4
Job applications for smb to sort and organize like resumator but simple
Saas subscription model
500k raising
#missing the social aspect to filter

@hugefan 2/4
Event ticketing for entertainer and artist
#I like the idea to Sell tickets to your birthday party
Raising 500k

#keynote @yammer founder David Sacks

Todos #a
@zenCash Saas dashboard for invoicing and dunning

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