Friday, November 30, 2012

Design for customer love: Wufoo Kevin Hale @iIlikevests #warmgun

From Evernote:

Design for customer love: Wufoo Kevin Hale @iIlikevests #warmgun

Make everyone in the company responsible for customer support, because:

Create software = new user + existing users
New user = dating
Existing user = marriage

1) Dating
First impression = Home, landing, pricing, login, First email, signup - be nice
Good examples: Login button at wufoo, vimeo login, photojojo, hurl 404 error page, developer contest at wufoo to win an axe, 

2) Marriage
John Kottman prediction: couples and startups always fight for:

How to make your customers love you?
Engineers and designers are often disconnected from customer consequences
Dont seperate customer support from creators, keep responsibility
> SDD Support Driven Development: creators become supporters

What happens when everyone is involved in customer support?
Virality grows, product gets awesome and support goes down
Good examples of SDD: Craigslist, amazon, freshbooks, rackspace, kayak

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