Friday, November 30, 2012

Behavior design @BJFogg phd stanford #warmgun

From Evernote:

Behavior design @BJFogg phd stanford #warmgun

1 Get clear on behavior 
what are the targets? Specific?
b=mat (motivation ability triger)
What is the sequence you want to achieve?

2 execute the b-model MAT
Motivation: Keep existing motivation - help what people do, what they already do!
Ability: Easy to do or train to do? - People want it easy - simplify
Trigger: No behavior happens without trigger= call to action (click here, now, walk, try, ...)

Always check if user have a motivation, the ability to do it and a clear call to action?
Increase conversion by make it easier and not by increasing motivation.
Great trigger: someone has tagged a photo of you

3 compare to success patterns
Simple social fun

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