Saturday, March 10, 2012

SXSW #metrics of startup success with @dharmesh @abatalion @joebot #todos for @ufostart #daily notes

Thomas Korte - moderator
Aaron Batalion - livingsocial
Darmesh Shah - Hubspot
Joe Zadeh - airbnb
Zach Nies - (collaboration software for development)

#livingsocial > trial and error often
started with review solution to make affiliate commissions
realized that they need to have 200m visitors to cover their salaries
pick your five, things make you happy ... and thought facebook will buy them
PIVOT - trial and error several times: tried 100 different things
good enough is ok

#hubspot > incentivize on data
Cancellation of customers sucks! - How to find out why?
measure every churn rate
We can predict data! Customer happiness index. (login frequence, time
spent, feature usage, sticky feature usage, ...)
We know, a customer is unhappy and will cancel in a few month and can
take action.
Use this data to incentivize:
1) compensate sales people (penalty to sell unhappy customers)
2) support compensation
3) product management
4) pre-emptive "saves"

#airbnb > measure all hypothesis
1m bookings 2011 - 5m bookings 2012
YC startup
1) go to where your users are (so they realized, that good photos of
rooms sell better)
2) establish hypothesis
- professional photos sell better)
3) measure and look at all kinds of data
build a dashboard for your measures

#rallydev > no pivot without data
planing is based on knowing data
agile cadence: daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly reviews of
all your numbers and strategies
hunch, hypothesis, experiment, measure and get out of the building

#todos for @UFOstart (collaboration software development)
build a dashboard for your measures
setup hubspot

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