Sunday, March 11, 2012

Mobile design of instagram foursquare foodspotting at SXSW via @mikeyk @arainert @ladylexy #mobiledsgn cc @UFOstart todos #daily notes

#mobiledsgn Panel
Alex Rainert - foursquare
Alexa Andrzejewski - foodspotting
Mike Krieger - instagram

Speed and stability are critical user experience features.
Instagram: 3 goals: beautiful mobile photography, sharing on diff
services was tough, smooth quick process
Have a hypothesis on Monday and test it by Sunday.
Pictures, not lists and stars. @foodspotting
Tell me about how looks the perfect picture of the vision.
Most important thing a designer can do at a startup: Communicate the
vision for the design you are trying to create.
Instagram tries to make all their employees designers, no matter which
role they have. 12 people now.
Build processes that allows you to validate ideas quickly.
@foodspotting runs kanban projects.
@foursquare always builds their prototypes in mobile web and use +
iterate it for months before doing the real impl.
When optimizing details, dont loose focus on your vision. Pivot how
you solve problems, but never away from the vision.
Live with your product to able to be intuitive in your design process.
User feedback as early as possible.
Try designing for one hand!
One way to find out what features your users like is to turn it off
for a while and see if they're upset... :)
instagram: first hire was a community mgr, live and die by community
The app @mikeyk just mentioned for seeing mocks on your iPhone/iPad is
LiveView Screencaster.
when building an app, consider two modes: goal-driven vs. killing time
The holy grail: wordless (+seamless) interactions.
Be smart about disruptive notifications, ie by aggregating data before pushing.
Mobile & web - foodspotting leaning toward make the (desktop) web more app-like

#todos for UFOstart
Build processes that allows you to validate ideas quickly.
Tool for mocks on iPhone/iPad is LiveView Screencaster:

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