Monday, March 19, 2012

SXSW Accelerator Pitches #daily notes

Startups from Web, Health, Mobile, Entertainment, Social, Music - Technology:

@medify - health user data
@jiff - facebook of health
@cellscope - at home diagnosis
@BodiMojo - teenager health management
@pipette - app to reduce complications after surgeries
@simplee - save money on medical expenses
@beyonLucidTechnologies - cloud service for emergency information

@tugg - watch movies of your choice at a local theater with your friends
crowdsourcing event organizing
@goosechase - scavenger hunt platform
@wevideo - collaborative video editing platform
@switchcam - watching events from different views
@mopix - distribute and sell your video content
@theblu - next generation digital studio

@trapit - virtual personal assistant
@scrible - annotating of web sites
@oneID - single sign on
@PrismSkylabs - use security cams for consumer experience
@Viztu - 3D models from user-generated photos
@brandYourself - SEO for everyone
@AgLocal - buy local with your mobile app
@ZeroDesktop - cross platform cloud desktop

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