Thursday, March 1, 2012

seedcamp pitches summary @socialbro @blossom #daily notes

My notes and votes out of 4 points.
>2 I probably would invest

@24symbols 2/4
Cloud reading

@appextras 2/4
Mobile App marketplace via "more apps" button

@archivme 2/4
Mobile mint

@bilbus 2/4
Lending and cashflow management

@blossom 3/4
Lean product management platform to develop software

@bluefields 2/4
Sport team organizatio
#intro to yoursports

@campalyst 2/4
Analytics software for social media

@checkthis 2/4
Content publishing easy

@compilr 2/4
Code direct from browser
Software development platform

@holvi 2/4
Smart banking for group activities
#intro to amiando
Debit account for groups
Event organizers, clubs,
Wepay plus bookkeeping 2/4
Social skill market place

@mopapp 2/4
Analytics for mobile apps cross platform 2/4
Geo game based on places, forsquare and twitter

@pult 3/4
Airplay for the web
Stream all content to mobile device technology

@qminder 2/4
App for waiting tickets

@socialbro 3/4
Social media management platform
#looking for 2m grow and enter US
Raised 600k notes

@teleported 2/4
Photo sharing

@transferWise 2/4
P2P money transfer platform

@zingl 2/4
Social dating, friendships, business
Matching algorythm
Selling exposure and privacy


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