Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Unity3d developer conference #day1 #daily notes

Unity V 3.5

#asset store
Makes 140k a month

#API for Social graph integration
Cross platform: Ios game center, Facebook, PS3
Microphone and webcam input

Key to monetization
Heatmap where to loose people, where they start to pay
Zero day analytics:
Completely integrated
Hosted by

#In-App Purchase
Tied into analytics and social

#AAA Initiative
Larger projects
More demanding teams
Setting new standards

#infinityblade 40% of $10M in 6month frm in-app purchs

@davidBrevik Future of game industry
Build software knowing your hardware focus on audience

Architecture: Lan, internet, mmo/social
Control: Joystick, controler, mouse, wii, touch
Distribution: Disk, retail, website, appstores, facebook
Business: sell to mass, subscribtion, free to play

#Future of game dev:
No install,
everyone can access,
Mobile (tablet, phone)
Cloud. multi-device gaming (anywhere, any device)
Free to play
You can all make it with unity!
Gazillion entertainment

#family guy online - making of
Mmo social game
@Roadhouse ceo, coordinator
Production company for making games like movies
@acronym developer company (39 people in vancouver)
Funky - developer
200 developer month
Photon network layer
Photon from exitgames for multiplayer realtime features

Yetizen Incubator for games

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