Sunday, September 11, 2011

Startup weekend gaming demo session #daily notes @JukeDJ @gambit @Gablinga

After one weekend working on their idea, the teams present their results.
Here are my notes and votes, as always potential investments >2/4

@gambit 3/4
Online betting, we create adds as digital bookmaker
Want to become open api for all online game bettings
(Big business in korea with starcraft etc games)
Deployed on heroku
Looking for: Legal counsels and mentors

@HappyAnimals 1/4
PlayForLife (gaming, life, education) casual games
#HappySalmon, first game, help him to get home
App stores: apple microsoft android amazon
Looking for: Money, developer, designer, ux experts

@Gablinga 3/4
Social In-Person gaming platform
#Hotpotato handover the phone (like stuhltanz) and win a drink

@be-novative 1/4
Game to Unlock your creativity

@brainiacSports 2/4
Challenge your sports knowledge
Fantasy sports facebook game
Developed on Unity
Looking for: seed Money, developers

@FaceOff 3/4
Play with your face against face of your friend
Mobile shooting game

@afterPM 1/4
Find what's open after hours
Like "arround you" after 10pm or yelp with filter "open now"

@PuppyCannon 2/4
Mobile Real world games / educating game
Child take cares of an puppy (like tamagochi)
Business model: virtual goods, sponsorship

@JukeDJ 4/4
Iphone jukebox
Use your iphone in a bar or restaurant to choose music
Bar makes additional money and safes money on jukebox

#Ideas for real life game mechanics
two players to call the same number - first wins
bump at same time
Handover your phone

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