Friday, September 23, 2011

Pnp expo pitches #daily notes @inboxFever

My notes and votes out of 4 points.
> 2 potential investing

Judge winners: spool, cloudless, snackr

@Emove 2/4
Wave electric generator
In 6 years profitable
50k from richard branson for prototype
Looking 5m funding

@gripNote 2/4
Amazon for student notes
Looking for 400k funding

@userZoom 2/4
Optimising user experience #ux
Saas ux research
3m revenue 2011, break even
Looking for scale

@myBantu 2/4
Personalized social recommendation app iphone
Virtual personal assistant

@vixlo 1/4
Survey monkey for product research with coupons for customers

@pangia 2/4
Analytics for buildings
Looking for 1.6m

@inbenta 2/4
Search for enterprise websites
Natural language search insted of keyword search
No money needed yet

@agoraSessions 1/4
Recommendation platform (don't got it)
Look 1m

@routershare 2/4
Cloud router technology

@ixion 2/4
Talent find facebook app
Build your talent avatar
Collect data from fb linkedin
Look for 2m

@ModeWalk 2/4
Emotional shopping solution for luxury goods

@infinica 1/4
Document based communication
Looking series a

@spendgo 1/4
Loyalty solution
Looking 6m

@tubaloo 2/4
Google voice global or skype
Reduce costs of international calls
Looking 4m

@inboxFever 3/4
Email powered application platform
Send an request via email and get an result via email

@cardFlick 1/4
Businesscard exchange app
Looking 1m

Ebay, paypal, Opentable,
Local Salesforce is a big value

Secret of YC etc?
Intensity, environment, competition,
Community, time presure, learning

Checkout ixion
Pnp mobile app for voting
Zoosk 50m user

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