Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pitches at founders institut #daily notes @clientMagnet @grubCrawl @explorence @steelhanger

With my notes and votes > 2 means possible investment

@Chalkwise 2/4
Dashboard for kids grades

@logrado 1/4
Sms reminder platform for colleges
>Wrong motivation in my eyes
Looking for 250k

@explorence 3/4
Outdoor video games + facebook
Bit like gowalla meets runkeeper meets mytown
Looking for 500k

@mobtest 2/4
99design for mobile app testing

@steelhanger 3/4
Subscription model to buy men cloth without going shopping. Choose
your style and get deliveries

@holisticMD 2/4
Marketplace for alternative healthcare
Chiropractor, accupunctur,
>Difficult distribution > seo
Looking for 500k

@inveska 2/4
Rating mutual funds
Algorithm for investment decision

@clientMagnet 3/4
Automated Marketing solutions for smb
Remember your clients to come back via email + call
Freemium model
300k revenue in 2011
Based on intuit appstore
Looking for 750k

@grubCrawl 3/4
Food events
Meet new people and discover restaurants together
3 different locations per event

#adeos keynote
Eqity compensation contract for advisors now live on his new website

Problem first + existing solutions and competitors
Team at the end (we can make it)
Check Eloqua marketo

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