Thursday, September 29, 2011

Unity developer conference day2 #daily notes #unite11

#unity for education
Classroom, conference, online venue - education

#unity for students

#learning unity
Best game engine on the planet
Learn to program - book: "how to think like a programmer"
Start with 2d and scratch, Gamemaker, stencyl - 6weeks
Pick a language on unity: javascript or C# (javascript: easier, C#: complex) dont mix it
Decide to make a game and 18 month later you know about unity
Realize you need lineare algebra - you need vectors (1 day enough)
Practice games you can make in one day
Clone a classic game: asteroids, space invaders, pac-man
Now you have a sense of unity
The bigger the project early on, the less learning there will be!
You cant learn it all at once, be persistent and focus on learning the tools and not making a game first.

#using unity to present art
To land a job or target audience
Export FBX format from autocad
Import in unity

book: "how to think like a programmer"

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