Tuesday, August 17, 2010

#founder conference summary with @mint @dropbox @thefunded @davemcclure #daily notes

Agenda backwards:
#incubator panel
Is it worth to give up 5-10% of the company to incubators like ycom
techstars or foundersinstitute?
Answer of startups: yes and more
#pitches - sales list: looks for cofounder
#PR panel
Traditional media guys try to sell us trasitional media like radio and
newspaper. WTF?
- anyway, they explained how to get their attention.
simple answer: discover a single person, pitch him on an event and
follow up again and again. its like a hard sales job!
Forget press releases!
lean startup: (measure, iterate, listen users, simplify)
AARRR: acquisition, activation, retention, referral, revenue
stop developing features and start scale if u found meaning
#dropbox @DrewHouston
decide on numbers
viral and WOM successful marketing
#thefunded @adeo
-ideas dont matter, passion matters
-hire slow and fire fast
-if you want win, dont compromize with your team
-dont build a company that does noy want you
-startup funding will change dramaticly in the next 3 month
#mint @AaronPatzer
get his slides for "how to find a business model", very structured process

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