Wednesday, August 25, 2010

2/2 pitches Ycombinator Demo day 2010 #tophatangel #daily notes

@futureadvisor 2/4
Replaces Personal financial adviser like turbotax replaced personal accountants
Mint 2.0 ?

@adgrok 2/4
SEM Dashbord with a nice integrated UI
@zanox perfect app for the AppStore

@koduco games 2/4
iPad games for 2 or more players

@fanvibe 1/4
real time checkin for sports games
#a connect with chris from @yoursports

@ginzametrics 3/4
Automation and optimization tool for SEO managers on a saas subscription model
#a check it out, they have a free trial version
Angel: dave Dave McClure

@hirehive 2/4
Video presence for hiring interviews
Candidates have to answer questions in front of their webcam

@hipmunk 2/4
Flight search and comparison website
@zanox good AppStore application for whitelabel

@pagerduty 1/4
Realtime alerting system for IT operators

@thefridge 2/4
Social network without being on Facebook, more privacy
I don't got it? 2/4
Software to transform data into charts in real time

@gantto 2/4
New project management system (sharing, presenting
Team: 2

@brushes 2/4
Painting apps for mobile apps
#a install it on iPad
Great staff

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