Wednesday, August 25, 2010

1/2 pitches Ycombinator Demo day 2010 #tophatangel #daily notes

All looking for series A funding
My personal voting out of 4

@ohlife 2/4
Journal on email basis

@simperium 2/4
Platform to build mobile apps
Example simplenote

@gazehawk 1/4
Eye tracking for everyone

@rapportive 2/4
Contact profiles integrated in gmail,
Like xobni
Miss the crm features 4/4
Chat + location just obvious
@taso check it out

@whereoscope 2/4
Find your kids, using smart phones
like latitude or similar services

@indinero 2/4
Mint for business, consolidate banks credit cards and paypal

@teevox 3/4
Makes you mobile phone to a Remote control
Team MIT hacker

@1000memories 2/4
Place to remember things like a cemetery

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