Saturday, August 21, 2010

28 change the world pitches @profounder @inVenture @exygy @skillshare #daily notes #da2010

28 Pitches to change the world hosted by sandbox and singularity
university - with my voting out of 4 points:
@1degree 3/4
show about how to start your company
wants to globalize
@poverup 3/4
non profit microfinance platform for students
@ctcKenya 3/4
invest in students and share their salary
@skillshare 4/4
gaming for learning
education revolutiom
@bamyan media 2
tv show about social entrepreneurs
@elecar 2
elevating the electric car
@foundersfirst 3/4
increase success rate of entrepreneurs
@theSchoolfund 3/4
microfinance for students
@catchafire 2
volunteer marcetplace for non profit projects
@malotraders 2
fair prices sales channel
cheap shoes for the third world
@mike del ponte 4/4
first social entrepreneur incubator
@almacommunity 2
education platform for entrepreneurs
flip flops
@scholarPro 3/4
new education
@exygy 4/4
@inVenture 3/4
next step in microfinance for entrepreneurs
support social ventures
social capital for cleantech entrepreneurs
power of ideas with impact
@profounder 4/4
crowdfunding platform
everyone an entrepreneur
public fundraising

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