Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Inside Apple @startup2startup #daily notes

Should you run your startup like steve jobs?

How apple works:
Learn to Say No
Focus just on one thing at atime
Ceo is involved in this thing
Only talk about your product
All work local in cupertino
DRI direct responsible individual
Business leader dont need to make money, they focus on products
They dont do customer focus groups but they do testing
Apple is no fun play it is a work environment youre proud about
If you work for apple, its not about you anymore, its about apple.
Ceo gives feeback every 2 weeks
Apple people dont multitask, they do one thing at a time.
Competing internal teams on same topic

Take Aways:
Wolfe pack Team
Product or manager CEO
Not for startups
Pick only one from the list as startup
Military similarities to focus

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