Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Startup conference summary and pitches #startupconf #daily notes

#Keynote Dave McClure  500 startups  
Reinventing venture capital through innovation, incubation, iteration 
Changes in tech startups
- less capital required
- more customers online
- lots of little bets: accelerators, angels, angel list (ycombinator, tech stars, 500 startups, angel pad)
Web2.0 + lean startup
1. Startup costs: lower
2. Users, bandwidth: bigger
3. Transaction $$$: better 
Building product - cheaper, faster, better
Getting customers - easier, more measurable
Iterative product & marketing decisions based in measured user behavior.  
Successful platforms have: features, users, money.
AARRR model:   
 #Startup Pitches

@leadferret 2/4
Address lists

@busyflow 2/4
Integrating productivity tools like: pivotal, google docs, github, basecamp, dropbox, evernote etc.

@flipgigs 3/4
Marketplace for student labor

@GZpoints 3/4
Discounts for kids on local stores based on their grades 2/4
What to buy - answering engine

@sonarflow 2/4
Music recommendation app

@vuukle 2/4
Credibility filter for comments

#Keynote @JustinKan Exec
Starting companies -
@Kiko web calender never got users got funding from YC asked customer what they want: for gaming
@Socialcam mobile streaming
@EXEC. Outsorce tasks via video message for $25
Good time to start a company right now: just because its so easy with Heroku to build web apps
You will never win if you don't try.

#Keynote @TimDraper,
Is looking for:
-Businesses with zeros on their balance sheets (no costs)
-Heros and riskmasters
Recommends countries to invest in: singapore and korea

#tracktion panel
With @99designs @seatgeek @wepay @inporia
Recommendations: lean startup idea, mvp,

#Investors panel
Pitch: show dont explain, tell stories

#Keynote Jerry Kaplan
How to fix the 5 biggest mistakes founders make?
1 write down your goals and mission
2 dont try to be right, find out the right idea.
3 distribut your equity and dont be greedy (equity is like shit if you keep it in a pot, but it grows if you spred it out)
4 hire people you need and not nessesarly you like.
5 know when to let go.

Best qualities you need
1 belief that you can make a difference
2 passion
3 optimism
4 tolerance for uncertainty
5 genuine concern for others

1 Leadership - build consensus in the face of uncertainty
2 Communication - everyone should know their job and how it contribute
3 Knowing when to make a decision - amateurs too early, perfectionists too late
4 Teamwork - delegate, trust,msupport (Think of yourself as an employee of your company.)
5 Ability to telescope - attention to detail while seeing the big picture

Companies have the personality of their CEOs

#Todos for UFOstart
Data guy
Customer service guy
Get Dealflow On the platform via landingpage

Legal document generator for startups:  

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