Thursday, September 13, 2012

Pnp FallExpo summary and 30 startup pitches #daily notes @claco @scan @pinerly

@AlexMehr - CEO zoosk
What is the most frequent way a user interacts with your product?
Focus on the most important use case, even if you product has several values.
Find the loop your user will user over and over again!
Most startups dont find it and die. The few who find it to find
another and fail.
Once you find it, NEVER let go, its a gold mine!
Use primary atomic use case needs to be sticky or it has no chance to survive.
Zoosk: next button - to see the next profile picture
Iphone: changed from "making calls" to "using apps"
FB apps are not the primary use case (not on your news feed) thats why
they dont work.
Strategies to win against competitors: better Primary use case or come
up with a different primary use case.

#startup pitches and my votes out of 4 points
>2 I am interested

@pinerly 3/4
Social media adnetwork
750k raising

@kermdinger studios 2/4
social distribution for traditional video games
Raising 500k

@myfit 1/4
Virtual fitting room using kinect
2m raising

@provital 3/4
Medical crowdsourcing platform
Team of 3
Raising 925k

@globaltrek 1/4
Global channel partner

@smartaxi 3/4
Real time Taxi demand forecasting
Mobile app to treck and show a head map 1/4
Baby registry service

@contentRamen 2/4
social media content creation tool
Raising 250k

@sonda41 2/4
Social media analytics
Raising 750k

@shoppinPal 1/4
Analytics for online shops

@timex 1/4
Timeline categories outside facebook

@secondFunnel 2/4
Retargeting algorythm prediction
Raising 1m

@brightblu 1/4
Home automation IOT
Plug to switch with your smartphone
Raising 1m

Local digital content discovery app
750k raising

@lemon 2/4
Mobile wallet and receipts
#a intro to itembase to check their api offering access to millions of receipts

@ngdata 1/4
Consumer inteligence

@speaktoit 1/4
Like Siri

@traverie 1/4
Travel planing app

@biglittlebang 2/4
3d virtual kids game

@touristeye 1/4
Travel planer with 200k users
500k raising

@everbill 3/4
Invoicing cloud service
Get rid of invoicing
600 paying customers

@zabzo 2/4
Fun Todo list for students
Stanford team of 3
500k raising

@gremln 1/4
Social media analytics

@poolparty 2/4
Knowledge management system in semantic web

@MI5 1/4
Security infrastructure for assets

@stealth 1/4
Cloud infrastructure

@taztag 2/4
Mobile secure id
Traction and revenues
2m raising

@dmd panorama 2/4
4.5m users mobile app
Panorama video
5m raising 3/4
Digital actions in the real world
20m app installs
Raised 1.7m
Raising 5m

@claco 4/4
Lesson planing Crowdsourcing platform
Like students copy and paste wikipedia for homework
100k users aftter 10 weeks

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