Friday, December 10, 2010

The Mobile Internet Tsunami summary 1/2 #sdforum #sdfmobile #daily notes

@GuyKawasaki - opening keynote
1) Achieve Likability
- smile
- dress for a tie - under-dressing: dont respect you
- shake hands right

2) Trustworthieness
- knowledge competence
- trust others (like companies: norstrom, amazon, zappos)
- default to YES > if somebody ask you something, say yes

Make it DICEE (deep, intelligent, complete, empowering, elegant)
Make it short, sweet and swallowable.
Conduct a premortem product (assume if our product will fail, how xould we prevent this?)
Tell a story
Plant many seeds (address also lonlyboy15 on twitter, because you never now who will support you and not cnn)
Illustrate saliebt points (argument on numbers, everybody understands)
Provide social proof
Find a bright spot
Enchant all the influencers
Dont use money
Invoke reciprocation
Build an ecosystem - and dont try to do everything by yourself (appstores, 3rd party...)
Customize the introduction - 
Sell your dream - forget feature fuckin
10slides 20 30

How to enchant your boos?
Drop everything else if he ask you to do something
Prototype fast (show 
Deliver bad news early (

Enchant employees
- provide MAP (mastery: come to me and you will learn xy, autonomy: no micro management, purpose: sell a vision)
- Empower action ( i trust you, 
- Judge your results and not their 

10 use technology
- remove speed bumps (like captchers)
- provide value (information, insights, assistance)
- engage with social media: (fast, many (to all), often)

Be a mensch

slides made by:
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platform wich makes your data available without an api

aggregating data of events

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