Thursday, December 9, 2010

The future of work #my Daily notes #networkconf #humancloud #crowdsourcing

The Future of Work
#Realtime collaboration

#salesforce ceo @benioff
Your business is tweeting you.
5000 employees
Chatterlytics: shows transparent "who earns what"
Every employee can earn the same like a VP
Flat world, flat company

Video conferencing system with coomodity hardware

#human cloud
@Cloudcrowd axel edelstein
@Mturk sharon chiarella
@Utest doron reuveni
@Liveops maynard webb

Crowd mechanics like game mechanics brings fun
Real Names or anonymous? Controversy
Offshore comes back onshore, world is flat.
Don't bet on regions or countries in crowdsourcing

#the cloud
@Netsuite ceo zach nelson
B2b cloud apps
200m sales rev
We run the apps and eliminate the app costs for our customers.

#mobile workforce report

#self serve, simple social inside
New saas solutions
@sliderocket ceo chuck dietrich
@central desktop ceo isaac garcia ceo aaron levie
@huddle founder andy mcloughlin
The technology is there with all the systems from amazon ws, google
apps, salesforce appexchange, etc. Now its time to change the
companies and people to use them.

#HR in the web
@rypple ceo daniel debow
@trinet MD philip korn
Many companies don't allow facebook, onle the smart ones try to get
ahead of it, because it will happen anyway.
Netflix dosnt have a vacation policy. You'll measured on your results.

#radical collaborator
Working at cisco san jose, living in carmel
Email, Cellphone, Webex, Cisco Quad collaboration tool,
Asynchronus voice and video sharing

Inbox app and address book

The end of fix and fulltime.
Company as a service
my company

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